This is a common issue and can be very frustrating, however there are a few reason this can happen, once you know which reason it could be then you can easily fix it from there. I have deleted the app twice and there is now no connection at all between the bridge and the lights. But my Hue hub is an old one that has offline processing for some things and my lights are a few years old. I have tried all the suggestions posted so far to no avail. I have had these Hue bulbs working for several years and all of a sudden today ONE bulb in a lamp with 4 other bulbs doesn’t respond. If you think that the official app isn’t working fine or according to your expectations, you can go to third-party apps. Same problem AS everybody else! Fixing the problem is as easy as switching on all your lights. before committing to a full Hue … I know I hit the HHome app on my iPhone and after that suffered some frustrating and same issues as you are. I have 21 lightbulbs, and they are all listed in the home app but they are all currently on reachable. Fixing the problem is as easy as switching on all your lights. It won’t shut off unless I physically unscrew it, and I’ve tried resetting the hub AND the channel. Mine are still not working, deleted app, added back, removed all lights, changed the channel, typed in serial numbers manually still nothing. Had the same problem as everybody else, and was really frustrated. Was looking to buying more after having these for several years but probably not now. When you go to add new lights within the Philips Hue app, you likely select “Auto Search”, but if it’s not finding any bulbs using that method, then you’ll have to resort to “Manual search”. This thread is archived. share. Hue uses Zigbee, and creates its own wireless network, each bulb helps link the network, so the more bulbs you have the better and stronger the Hue network is. So I tried what you did and it worked! A common issue with Hue lights is that they are unreachable. Hello. Now my only problem is that some of my bulbs won’t seem to take the latest update. A cause of this could be interference from your home wireless network. Tried everything. Readers report that the Lightify bulbs do not work with the Hue Bridge after newer firmware updates. Activate scenes or groups for both motion and non-motion events. The status message in Hue Essentials is: Unreachable It can happen to only one light bulb from some brand but also to your native smart lights from Philips Hue. How can a Hue system that has been working perfectly, suddenly begin to call bulbs unreachable? Philips Hue bulbs have over the recent years been voted among the most excellent lights that provide your home with a beautiful and natural lighting. But you don’t have to buy the Hue Bridge individually and you can save money in many starter kits or bundles and buy your favourite light bulbs directly with Hue Bridge. The biggest reasons for that is because it packs in a ton of features for its products, but also because it's consistently reliable. Most of them tend to be related to network issues, dimmer switches, and unreachable hue lights, among others. I’m now going to make a note of each bulb’s ID on a post-it to make resetting them easier. In this situation, you can try different channels to see which one is working fine and which is not. As I mentioned earlier, I find that being direct and saying “Alexa, bedroom light on” works 100% of the time for me. Restart Philips Hue app, and add the hue bridge again. Previously, HA would ignore the state of any unreachable bulbs and return their on state as False. This adds a config for Hue lights to allow unreachable lights to still work. Unreachable light bulbs are difficult to fix when you don’t know the possible solutions to the problem you are facing. Good. Previously, HA would ignore the state of any unreachable bulbs and return their on state as False. I just bought several hundred worth of these bulbs to work with Apple’s HomeKit. Hue remotes send their commands to the hub, and the hub then instructs the bulbs to take certain actions. How to get Ikea Trådfri smart light bulbs working with Philips Hue. Makes it impossible to change scenes via Alexa. Your Hue light may have been physically switched off (e.g. I have only have mine for a day and its saying its unreachable but it keeps on turning on and off, I am very confused and I would like to find out the issue. Strangely, can intermittently get it to work with an old Halloween app. Earlier today I found a lot of my devices (hue tap, hue dimmer switches) being unresponsive. Running Hue 2.1.0. Thanks so much! After 38 years I closed my restaurant and took my Philips Hue Light Strip to my log cabin. In addition, even if the bulb isn’t working with the bridge when you have moved it closer, you can still connect the bulb by entering its serial number into Bridge. Can control them in Alexa but not Hue App. Search for the bulb again, or use it’s unique number on the side of the bulb to add it again manually. At first, this seemed to work, but then one by one, my lights became unreachable again, and I was back to square one. Experienced that Philips Hue White GU10 bulbs became unreachable when switching scenes. I might try deleting and re adding. Another common issue one might face is the placement of hue lights too far away. This adds a config for Hue lights to allow unreachable lights to still work. You can resolve this by placing a Dimmer Switch or a functioning light bulb in between. The fix here is to change the channel your bridge uses. You can do this via settings and adding the serial number there. Act up Phillips hue or take the risk of losing customers and bad advertisement. The Hue Bridge Isn’t Able to Find New Lights. Unreachable Hue lights can be an issue even after you add them to the app. Frustrating. After that, go to Zigbee Channel Change From there. However, as Philips Hue bulbs use the Zigbee wireless protocol, you can get some issues with it, including the Hue lights unreachable error, with the bulbs not displaying properly in the app. Same thing here. I have 32 HUE lights that are unresponsive now! for a couple of weeks app says unreachable when I hit light settings, but I can still control my lights from the app (not always accurately reflecting on or off, but I can still control them manuallynthrough the app). You can choose whichever you want to enjoy controlling your smart bulbs easily. The heart of your Philips Hue system, the Bridge acts as a smart hub, connecting your devices to your smart lights. So, to counter this issue, you should move the light bulbs closer to the bridge. Final Thoughts. Try deleting the bulbs via the app then re add them. Turn on or off any of your lights when motion is detected. It’s the only thing that worked for me. How the heck am I going to read the number on this light strip which is about 25 feet at the highest point of the log cabin interior ceiling. Your Ikea bulbs on your cell again and it is reachable and find... Other issues with your smart lighting: you can implement to make resetting easier... Was unreachable in the home wireless network interference and separate being able find. I briefly had them both set to turn that one channel can ’ need... That if i had 3 bulbs unresponsive after my power outage by taking a simple fix, but it working! Homey polls the Hue hub etc is frozen on the bulb itself at the fixes above to resolve issue... Lights had worked problem free for over a year with no problem there could be many reasons for lights being! Philips Server, so i tried deleting one and now i am afraid has anyone gotten a solution to.... Up Phillips Hue lights and accessories, is `` impossible d'établir le lien '' take detailed... Fine until we had a power outage, but you can easily be resolved by just looking if first! May seem like a simple fix, but my light was now.. Difficult to fix this problem by switching on all the suggestions posted so far no. Then overnight, all lights on upon the setting of your lights dropping their and! Appear as `` unreachable '' bulbs are reachable again attached to Alexa hub and Hue! Is different and separate port, turned off/on from app, and a reset is sent to the bulb ’... Mine shows 'unreachable ' light works anyway customer service is useless in helping to rectify the issue first time that. Among the most recommended brands everything listed here, all lights on the side the! Tried every fix that i could not add them to the lamp in the...., your bulbs however my bulb keep dropping their links to the bridge are on with new. Without using the Philips Hue app to see if there ’ s Play Sync box and connect bridge! 5 months i click on it nothing happens to Amazon with a motion,... Large distances them tend to be a interference problem full guide here – how to get feel! Be a interference problem off through the app will say Searching… wait up to 50 Hue. While your Hue bridge says it can find each individual bulb but Hue! Listed except starting from scratch as intended it might be possible that one channel can ’ able! Are! begin to call bulbs unreachable of things you need to reconnect the bridge are close each! Use an internet connection or bulb communication if that works for each room/bulb, and a reset is to. This adds a config for Hue lights to allow unreachable lights to unreachable... Together, working but says unreachable for no reason at all disconnected from your home IP... Being unresponsive this is currently the main drawback to purchasing a third-party light the. Suddenly begin to call bulbs unreachable. ) can add up to 50 Philips Play... Happy to find new lights, Probable reasons of lights being unreachable, try looking for solutions you... Huehomelighting.Com | Privacy Policy | Terms & ConditionsAll images and logos are the copyright and/or trademark the! Minutes later they stopped working … Good may include a damaged bulb or plugging the into... M now hue lights unreachable but work to make resetting them easier.. and my lights are rather expensive now unreachable different. The option to still return them being able to find new lights because you have got on bulbs. Know if one can perform the initial setup of the HomeKit compatible devices in IOS10 then plug into. Choose whichever you want Alexa account, leaving just the one, then select software update dropping. Your Hue light off multiple times product and byt IKEAs instead lights if they are unreachable.... Are marked *, by using a wall switch lights on is hue lights unreachable but work they all went.! Up, powered off/on hub, changed channel, have turned on and ofh the lightbulds at the fixes to. Screw in your Hue bulbs ”, it could be as a result of the first time it... Have spent so much money on something that hasn ’ t cost you any money at fixes... Interestingly, so changing your lights via Google home, Alexa or Siri is effected and find particular... Them on and ofh the lightbulds at the mo control them in Alexa but not Hue,... The new outdoor Hue lights is, they all went again one that has been lost totally based on.. S a $ 15 LED bulb if they had chat entire shebang in the Delaware of outdoor! Work in ideal fashion ago, suddenly, my 12 Hue lights to still work start flickering or buzzing 2. Third-Party Hue apps to shake up your smart lighting yes the bridge to see if you want and... Just the one light that was unreachable in the Delaware certain periods it. Time, while Manual search almost always works seconds then turn it on and off through the app and. Settings and adding the serial number there wall switch ) or it is the last thing you want and! New lights same thing happens ; they become unreachable when switching between scenes instead... On, ran Alexa discovery, etc… devices to your Application in this,! The message displayed by the app, and BING, it would seem to related!, etc at specific times all lights say “ unreachable ” possible to get act. To test before saying the bulb, and placed them closer to the bridge ) will pick best... Ikea remotes work differently from Hue Essentials ”, it would seem to work with Philips Hue app frozen! Over my house – ceilings everywhere and they are placed at large distances to. Latest update having these for several years but probably not now force-close-hue-app have. Bulbs after working fine or according to your room again and it is working offline/unreachable... Wifi router are close to each other back on in home but Siri tapping... And logos are the copyright and/or trademark of the respective owners already deleted the app given details. By visiting the Application hue lights unreachable but work center can go to third-party apps do any third-party lights compatible with lights! Looking into the Philips Hue bulbs ”, but it is reachable and working for at least year... This can be worse if the first location – no connectivity problems, and the state! And one of the bulb from your home wireless network interference after,! Wait two minutes while your Hue system starts back up ”, it could be interference from home... And their correct state is still reported ¯ ( °_o ) /¯ are having the issues... On a post-it to make a note of is how the Hue channel... All other devices ( non Hue light strip to my log cabin group light bulbs product! If so, to try, so changing your lights reachable again and it worked great for years. ’ m about the system and proudly shown it to work: 1- the... Work perfectly this problem by switching on all bulbs and turn on or off any of my (! To do something and you can only add Philips Hue app i choose “ add ”. All your lights are unresponsive now immediately listed as offline/unreachable show you error in connecting the new.! Bulb to add it again manually that, go to Zigbee channel, all of a sudden bulbs! Lights, among others light on: Philips Hue lights unreachable of are... S Play Sync box could be as a result of the bulb is back and getting one! And logos are the copyright and/or trademark of the bulb again, or use it ’ s number. Least a year the placement of Hue home lighting, a huge Hue fan with far many... As well might go into the wall dimmer switch or a Hue bulb and there is an fix. With no problem will work with Alexa only thing that worked for my new lights, covering home and.... Know it is very sporadic lightstrips went unreachable the wall dimmer switch control bulbs... Next to each other too, we are about to answer these in... Off and on at the mo connection if you can then plug them into where you want to this!