Install 2 new "AAA" batteries into the 7. Buy Equate Fever Thermometer from Walmart Canada. Please contact our knowledgeable and helpful customer service Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm, and they will be happy to help you find what you are looking for! POWER SOURCE 18. 4. Refer to the warranty section of this manual for contact details. Can't find what you are looking for? Wait approximately five minutes (manual thermometer) or for the beep (digital thermometer). Thermometers and the detection of fever. Caution: Allow 30 minutes for both patient and thermometer to become accustomed to existing environmental conditions prior to measurement. Shop for more Thermometers available online at Welcome to the BIOS Medical support center. Page 8: Using The Thermometer 4. The reason why the thermometer shows ‘LO’ from time-to-time is that it is reading the room temperature - which is roughly 69.8 ° F/21°C. Shop for more Thermometers available online at The page provides a catalogue of brands and devices, each offering to view or download an updated manual. Rectal Thermometer Use . In: Feverish Illness in Children: Assessment and Initial Management in Children Younger Than 5 Years. 2. Caution: Contact ADC or your local ADC representative for any assistance with this device. thermometer and should be kept clean at all times. Rectal thermometers are specifically designed with short tips that allow them to get a proper reading without going too far into the body. Here you will find log books and user manuals for all your BIOS products. Method 1 to Change Mercury Thermometer from ℃ to ℉ If you have an old-style thermometer made with mercury have 2 temperature scales on either side of the tube with mercury in it. 1-866-51 3. Do not store the thermometer in direct sunlight, high temperature, high humidity, or in a dusty environ-ment. Allow the lens to dry fully for at least 1 minute before using the thermometer. NOTE: Always disinfect the thermometer before using. Do not drop the thermometer or expose it to heavy shock. The device is intended for consumer 11. London: Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists (UK); 2013. To see the entire list of Thermometer items … If you prefer an in-ear thermometer, or if the price of our forehead picks is too high, the Equate Infrared In-Ear Digital Thermometer is a great option. This section is dedicated to Thermometer manuals & user guides which are included in the main list of categories. NOTE: In Step 3, you may put a sanitary plastic probe shield on the sensor tip to help prevent cross-infection and contamination.Use of the probe cover may result in a 0.2°F(0.1°C) difference from actual temperature. ‘LO’ means low temperature, and not low battery – so no worries!. Use only a soft cloth or cotton swab with water or rubbing alcohol. The thermometer is not shockproof. Take care when cleaning the lens. BD Digital Thermometer Manual: How to Use ; National Collaborating Centre for Women's and Children's Health (UK). Clean the thermometer probe after SIZE AAA 1.5V x 2 (included) Page 2: Parts Identification How to Operate the How to Operate the Preparation for Use Parts Identification thermometer thermometer 3. This is too low for our basal thermometer which can only measure down to 89.6 ° F/32°C.. Do not bend or bite the probe. We have three most common thermometers, one is the more traditional mercury or alcohol thermometer, one is an electronic thermometer with only one power button, and the other is a more functional frontal thermometer.. NOTE: In Step 2, if the room temperature is greater than 90.0°F (32.0°C), it will be displayed rather than L°F(L°C). Clean the thermometer by wiping it with a clean, dry cloth, and disinfect the probe with isopropyl alcohol. Buy Equate Deluxe Digital Ear Thermometer from Walmart Canada. • Do not submerge any part of the thermometer in liquids.