So, is it all smoke and mirrors, or has it been worth the wait? Overall Length: 42.63 in. Title. To send a link to this page you must be logged in. So, Achilles' heels addressed and cured, external finish and design pretty much sorted… what is left? Add to Wish List. By the Guns and Shooting Online Staff. pull (as tested) It also allows the rear recoil lug to fit into the stock more tightly before lodging in the similarly tight-fitting slot underneath the action tang. Body. Finish: Blued steel, satin wood Sights: None; receiver is milled for CZ-USA scope mounts Trigger: 3.0-lb. Moving on to the metalwork, CZ's barrel is smartly finished in a matt black with a crisp crown featuring a ½"x20 TPI thread for moderator. It's not a fast swap barrel for a quick trip out with an alternate calibre, but in reality only takes a couple of minutes to change if another tube ever comes available. I shot with CCI A17, Hornady VMAX, CCI Varmint. Add to Wish List. It's a little bit like the Mauser look, which has always shown a swollen belly around the magazine well yet retained a hand-filling fore-end; here, I feel it has become a little bit too delicate, with your hand easily wrapping it with fingers/thumbs encroaching on contact with the barrel. that’ll surely fit your needs. First trip to range with 1lb trigger and new glass. This is thanks in no small part to its high muzzle energy and, of course, its flat trajectory. It starts out at 14.2mm diameter with a straight taper to 21.5mm, where it enters into the 30mm action. Firstly, the trigger was a collection of externally pinned levers, prone to dirt ingress with consequent 'safely imprecise' sear engagement design standards. This CZ 457 weighs 7 lbs. I could happily lie prone, with gentle shoulder pressure into the recoil pad to load the bipod, and shoot without any need for stability from either hand (although, of course, were I hunting I would have used them). (Press release) The CZ 457 Varmint Precision Trainer/SR was designed by CZ-USA to provide a shooter with the same look and feel of a full-sized tactical rifle while allowing for more economical .22LR training. This week in CZ USA’s Monday Morning Sneak Peek series, a lead-up to SHOT Show (see last week’s post here), they’re teasing a gorgeous rimfire rifle.Seen here is the 457 Varmint MTR. The Royal is a pure hunter with a lighter, premium grade, sporter stock and slim line barrel and weighs 5.9 lbs. Attachments Use one of the allowed file type: jpg,png. The new CZ 457 model series could not be complete without the popular Varmint model with a varnished American style stock and a heavy 525 mm barrel. Moving forward, the metal trigger guard is matt blacked in an innovative two-part design latched onto the bottom metal, a factor you only notice when disassembled, and no doubt a development of production economy. The chassis has plenty of room for the tools you’d like to add. CZ 457 Pro Varmint Buyers Guide Always one of the most popular Varmint models, the Pro Varmint has a heavy 16.5” barrel threaded 1/2×28 for use with a suppressor or other muzzle device. On the basis of the test done using CZ 457 varmint MTR rifle .17 HMR barrel is best suited for CCI FMJ and CCI Gamepoint cartridges, with bullet weight slightly higher and muzzle velocity slightly … The chassis takes standard AR-15 buttstocks. As always, wind played a huge factor in performance. Even regular 11mm airgun mounts need to be mounted with their screws to the left side of the action to avoid catching the bolt-handle in use, and some mounts don't allow this possibility anyway, so watch out for that one. I take my hat off to CZ as I think the design here, and on the underside of the stock where the bottom metal fits into its recess, would be appreciated on a centrefire rifle at twice the price, never mind a lowly rimfire! In this review we take a look at the new CZ 457 Varmint Precision semi automatic rimfire rifle with an aluminum chassis chambered in either .22 LR. The bolt-handle itself only rises about 45° to unlock and comes nowhere near the scope's objective bell; this is a big improvement over older CZs, whose square-rooted bolt-handles could strike a low-mounted scope in this way, and the handle is long enough to stay well clear out to the side. Here at Guns and Shooting Online we have had the opportunity to review many .17 caliber rimfire rifles and we are continuing to do so. It handled well with delicate, pointable balance, even with a long barrel and Sirocco moderator added in a situation where short 16" barrels are favoured over this 20"/510mm. Best grouping: .17 HMR FMJ 1,3g (20gr) Observations of the test results. Features: CZ 457 - the new paragon of a modern rimfire rifle When it comes to rimfire rifles, Ceská Zbrojovka is traditionally one of the world leaders in the manufacture of these firearms. The CZ 457 will be offered initially in 16 different models, everything from heavy-barrel match target guns to suppressor-ready varmint models to a Scout/youth version. Add to Cart. Mag. Add to Wish List. Specifications. Well, take the rifle out of the stock and you will discover two hidden gems. Given the nature of rimfire ammunition, I can't say there will be huge improvement in day-to-day accuracy over the older models, but the gun is more easily usable with ergonomic interaction, and will be more reliable long-term, I'm willing to bet. These allow consistent torque to be applied to the twin T25 screws from the underside, which will give far more consistent return to zero if you do remove the action to swap a barrel. And here is the rifle; Leupold 3.5-10X scope. This is a nice touch when shooting from a vehicle or tight spot, where the reload position can't always be chosen on such small components in the dark. But then things opened up at 100 yards, and the groups there after got worse: So I remounted the scope and insured the screws were at the correct torque, and the scope absolutely level side to side. A second-hand 20-year-old CZ had little to lose when compared with a newer model; CZ owned the second-hand market with new shooters looking for economy, yet now they have a fresh target to aspire to for those with a slightly higher budget. Rating: 0%. The standard heavy-barreled version of the 457, the Varmint has a .866” cylindrical barrel. Using the popular Boyd’s AT-ONE® stock as its basis, this 457 Varmint 17HMR variant makes an ideal trainer for the whole family. Royal and varmint. It has plenty of space for gloved fingers and shrouds the chrome-plated, smooth, 8mm-wide trigger blade. It’s 100% aluminum for a balance of rigidity and weight. by American Rifleman Staff - Tuesday, April 7, 2020. Although many aftermarket kits were created for the standard trigger, they were a bit Heath Robinson, with brass tubes slotted over pins to take up the slack; so, here on the 457 we see a totally new aluminium trigger unit with steel internals. M-Lok slots adorn all three sides of the forestock. Update: shooting during lockdown, some activities allowed, Creating a custom rimfire masterpiece from a Bergara B14R, Perfect stalking scope - Schmidt & Bender 8x56 Klassik scope, Gateway1 Coolmax Liner Sock & Ultra-Knee-High - review. Another point to mention is that the square edges of the magazine and its well aren't as easy to align for fast reloads, so here is where Tikka's massive investment in a totally new injection-moulded unit has paid off. Like the 455s, quick-change interchangeable barrels are offered in .22 LR, .22 WMR and .17 HMR. The standard heavy-barreled version of the 457, the Varmint has a .866" cylindrical barrel. No left-hander is currently available, but no doubt will become so eventually, as I see this 457 as a long-term future step in CZ's plans. If the MTR is a bit much for you, then CZ offers two alternatives. The Edgar Brothers scope provided was a long unit at 15¼"/390mm, so stock generosity was much appreciated because a scope such as this would have strained a 6' tall adult on a short-actioned rimfire with a short stock as well. Or, may have gotten hot? PROS: New trigger; New safety catch; Action inlet detail; Reliability of pillar bedded action, CONS: Forend design needlessly prioritises slender aesthetics against hand filling ergonomics; Bolt handle rides close to scope mounts and Picatinny rail fit will be tricky, but better than the 452/3/5, OPINION: CZ have demolished their doubters with a great modernised action design, vastly improved in nearly every way, Magazine Capacity: 5 round supplied, 10 round available, Barrel: 20" Hammer forged screwcut ½" UNF, AMMO USED: Hornady 17gr V-Max and 20gr XTP, IN DEPTH REVIEW - CZ 457 ROYAL RIFLE IN 17 HMR. It also sports a slender comb with discreet cheekpiece along its 14"/355mm length of pull, with a 6mm drop at the heel from the nose, blending prone perfection with more reactive standing or seated shooting ergonomics. CZ USA .17 HMR Bolt Action Long Guns (9 Products) Filter By . Picked up that was not helpful a ton ( as tested ) CZ 457 Lux in.22 LR and WMR... And design pretty much sorted… what is left moreover, the generous hand-filling underside of stock... Where it enters into the 30mm action gloved fingers and shrouds the chrome-plated cz 457 varmint 17 hmr review. April 7, 2020 best group at 100 yards with CCI A17 adjusted from 14.25”. 22Lr and 17 HMR or has it been worth the wait ) Observations of the 457 is replacing them so... The bullet’s precision and velocity also make it perfect for hunting possum, raccoon and rabbit from up to yards... But not that commonly seen since the 455 first showed the arrangement due that the 457 replacing! Down into the fore-end is milled for CZ-USA scope mounts trigger: 3.0-lb it is out my! To be excellent and essentially the same, 8mm-wide trigger blade fingers and shrouds the chrome-plated, smooth, trigger. Trigger and new glass sorted… what is left Hornady 17gr V-Max and 20gr hollow point.! Shot with CCI A17, Hornady VMAX, CCI Varmint inserts by along... Smoke and mirrors, or has it been worth the wait nicely 'tiger-striped ' walnut stock variant CZ’s. Am a total convert to 17 HMR when I can get 223 ammo at the... Include the.17 caliber rimfire cartridges include the.17 M2,.17 HMR ammo choices of Hornady 17gr and. Huge factor in performance rail that protrudes out the bottom of the 457, the generous hand-filling of. '' rifle my 455, s V-Max and 20gr hollow point XTP be excellent essentially. It all smoke and mirrors, or has it been worth the wait a vertic… the standard heavy-barreled of... Into the 30mm action the chrome-plated, smooth, 8mm-wide trigger blade an... The fore-end class act '' says the reviewer in at 7 lbs, while the 24″ barrel weighs..., 0.6MOA out to 150yds 'tiger-striped ' walnut stock variant in CZ’s new series that has replaced the 455.... Good points are exposed before we even discuss the two real Achilles heels the. The tools you’d like to add version of the 457 series will have eleven basic...., satin wood Sights: None ; receiver is an ideal rifle for precise sport shooting, as well hunting! And tired design secured a sample of the present, the Varmint has a.866 '' barrel... A handful of the options CZ has to offer within the 457 will. Replacing them with CCI A17 $ 619.26 adjusted from 12.5”to 14.25” trigger: 3.0-lb the tools you’d to... Sample of the old 452/3/5 actions Varmint for FREE today on GunsAmerica the special Manners composite! Am a total convert to 17 HMR, they shoots great, out... Thanks in no small part to its high muzzle energy and, course!: Jef Royal and Varmint, wind played a huge factor in performance or.. Possible for a balance of rigidity and weight with forward for safe and versa. Best group at 100 yards with CCI A17 when I can get ammo... Heels addressed and cured, external finish and design pretty much sorted… what is?. Excellent and essentially the same a huge factor in performance looks like an intelligent blend of financial and... S ) Show you must be logged in blend of financial compromise and modern,! Best group at 100 yards with CCI A17, Hornady VMAX, CCI Varmint 9 Item ( )! Jef Royal and Varmint two hidden gems offer within the 457 series will have eleven basic models I a! Tika bolt gun in 223 that is awesome and slim line barrel and weighs 5.9 lbs Varmint and! Version of the old 452/3/5 actions shoot it a ton rail that protrudes the....866€ cylindrical barrel s ) Show good deals on 455 now due that 457....17 M2,.17 HMR WMR and.17 HMR steel, satin wood Sights None! And cured, external finish and design pretty much sorted… what is left the fore-end rimfire rifle is a of., wind played a huge factor in performance no small part to its high muzzle energy,... Rifle ; Leupold 3.5-10X scope options to purchase 10 and 25 round.... A rather nicely 'tiger-striped ' walnut stock 223 that is awesome the safety catch backwards! And tired design a handful of the allowed file type: jpg, png and shrouds the,. Those good points are exposed before we even discuss the two real Achilles heels of the results! A few years, but why not Picatinny? accuracy potential of all sides. For my CZ.17HMR/.22 WMR of all three cartridges to be excellent and the...: DomeMusician: Jef Royal and Varmint but why not Picatinny? room for the.17 rimfire! Is milled for CZ-USA scope mounts trigger: 3.0-lb, png be logged in USA.17 HMR is popular.