Shop For Honda Mowers. uyBI've bought 3 zero turns was fairly pleased with the 1st 2 and this one was marked down 900 bucks and now I know why. 76 weeks or 76 hours. I immediately called Toro, only to hear a message that I could only receive support online or through an authorized dealer. took it in to be looked at,,,their service repair shop said it was the spark plug and filter. The name Toro was initially chosen due to the company’s association with the Bull Tractor Company. I complained to toro about their bag only filling the front part of the bag leaving the rear of the bag empty. We take a look at this unique mower. Share Report Copy. Not commercial. Review #1254285 is a subjective opinion of poster. The number on receipt is 1000-4*-*** toro 22 in.self propell. Toro 20330 Review – Performance. I asked them would I be able to get the sale price on the zero turn I wanted which was the Titan 74465, he said yes and would make a note of it, so I wouldn't have a problem. Very first time I used it was like pushing through mud. After my previous Toro mower needed to be replaced, I didnt hesitate to buy another Toro mower because my experience had been so good. Using the Toro 60V self-propelled lawn mower (model 20363) gave me the opportunity to compare against both gas mowers and other electric models. Toro company is Dishonest. Compare our Toro Lawn Mower ratings. Toro employs that system here to good effect, making the mower very easy to use, especially as we were pushing it uphill. they sent me this "bag seal kit" that was absolutely useless. I just want my mower to work. Review the range of Toro lawn mowers with Canstar Blue. Don't just read Toro Lawn Mower reviews. I called Toro and they wouldn’t even talk to me about the problem saying I had to deal with the store or one of their authorized dealers. If it is still within the timeline since you purchased it, then contact Toto at the corporate numbers they give you. The person at customer service told me to get him a list of the parts and they Toro would cover that but not the labor to get my mower fixed. Im trying to reach someone because I am DIssatisfied with the performance of a lawnmower I bought new this past June. Once it did start, it bellowed a thick, white smoke and oil came out of the air filter and exhaust. Thank You for Your Reply! Review #2085614 is a subjective opinion of poster. Same issues! I purchased a Toro mower 5 months ago, specifically because of the "Guaranteed to Start" promise badged across the engine cover. User's recommendation: Be aware of there company promises, and there customer service. Review #2229902 is a subjective opinion of poster. Toro produces a range of hand-pushed petrol and electric mowers, as well as a range of petrol-powered ride-on mowers. I am going to put it back in the box and take it back to Home Depot and insist on a refund. Wish I had it years ago. I was told that I would have to wait to get my Credit card before I made the purchase. And, every year they say they fixed it. Toro 21 inch 53cm High Wheel Push Mower 21320. When mowing on uneven surfaces, you start to lose traction, especially while mowing up or down steep slopes. When I tried to return it to the delivering dealer (who was great) they said since I used it (1 mow, 1 1/2 hrs run time) and bought it online Toro would make them eat it and could not accept a return. Which was not covered under warranty. Toro lawn mowers range in price based on the mower type and the size of the cutting width. I picked it up again on August 16th after they said it was fixed and was going to mow my lawn today. I bought the same Model in April 2017..I hardly used the mower except part of the first year. the problem is a "deflector" molded into the bag door flap to direct the clippings down into the bag. Starts on first pull, smooth even cut with excellent mulching, lightweight but with a lot of power. Can you mail me one. Review #2299081 is a subjective opinion of poster. Purchased Toro 75740 mower from Toro site. Thank you for your time. The Toro TimeMaster 30 in (21199) delivered what consumers would expect from a gas-powered mower with a 30-inch cutting deck: faster cutting time and lesser passes. I am going to put it back in the box and take it back to Home Depot and insist on a refund. User's recommendation: Don't buy online. The number on receipt is 1000-4*-*** toro 22 in.self propell. Less than 2 months old the shaft on starter completely ripped off. For those who are searching for a riding mower that can be used for both personal and semi-professional use, the TimeCutter SS4200 isn’t a bad option to consider. Tom Irwin. The Tec from Toro is giving me a hard time . Oh, great! a 100 page manual should be given out free. Review #1637546 is a subjective opinion of poster. I have the same mower and it locked up and now I am stuck with a $320.00 piece of crap in my garage. Review #1295377 is a subjective opinion of poster. Mower does not work and customer service is not helpful. If all else fails, find a friend, relative or neighbor who can look at it and figure out possible solutions to what the machine is doing. Budget-friendly: Toro push lawn mowers are the most inexpensive models, ranging in price from $279 to $320 . The Toro High Wheel Push Mower comes with a … New 2020 Toro Titan Zero-Turn Mowers! Performs well in all conditions really. Total 19 months roughly. The model number of the mower is 20340 and serial number is 31600**** and up. Very poor customer service and parts delivery, Mower stopped working after 1st use. What happened? Review #2119747 is a subjective opinion of poster. I bought your product from Home Depot who referred me to your customer service line. User's recommendation: looks like a good unit---waiting for snow. Pissed Consumer © 2021 All Find out which Toro models made the grade before checking out. The overall rating of the company is 1.7 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers: Toro vs. Husqvarna. Check our FAQ. The dealer shop said they lowered the rpms . Im trying to reach someone because I am DIssatisfied with the performance of a lawnmower I bought new this past June. Not covered by warranty so I paid for that..Still hard to start or wouldn't start. With All Wheel Drive, the front and rear wheels have a nice aggressive tread and spin independently. Guess I need to change brand to a more reliable lawn mower. Needless to say, I don't have one. Toro SS4200 Review 2021. I am not happy with the mower or the customer service from the dealer. Review #2149343 is a subjective opinion of poster. i called several times during the last week and was told it was being processed 2 times when i ask them to explain all i got was it's being processed .So the time i called on thursday oct 1st i was told it was on the line to be shipped, Yeh ok. it... Have there been any issues with grass catchers? Toro Lawn Mowers: What’s out there? Repair service wants me to bring it back in and charge me again. Now they have it and I am waiting for an answer . Truly disappointed with Toro customer service and will never buy one of their products again. Before we begin the actual review, we need to specify exactly which machine we’re reviewing today. Cleaning, maintenance and adjustments are easy plus you're backed by up to three years of warranty cover. Does not self propel and is not very maneuverable. Review #2133200 is a subjective opinion of poster. The climate over here is generally wet with more rain than sun. TORO is a giant in the outdoor power equipment category and produces some fo the best, if not the best mowers around. About Toro. This gives you the best traction possible when mowing on inclines. When it comes to residential mowers, TORO seems to include more standard features than any other machine on the market. Also, I tried to phone, and was given the numbers for USA and Canada, but the Canadian one wanted my 5-digit ZIP CODE. I found one online but have no printer. Every year for the past 4 mowing seasons I have had to take it in because the mower does not run properly; it acts like it is not getting gas. 20353 Lawn Mower. The algorithm is subject to change in future. We did not get an owners manual. It starts every time no problem. Review #2330442 is a subjective opinion of poster. The Toro is so much better. This was going to be a chore so I just drilled a small hole in the deflector and inserted a cotter pi and voila, it is fixed. Yes thank you we brought it to be repaired. Toro ranks 184 of 868 in Equipment category. Toro 20330 Review – Assembly. Thank you Maurice Canfield 2315 Darrell Loop Pocatello, Idaho 83201 208-221-****. Toro 22" Recycler SmartStow - Mower Review. the problem is a "deflector" molded into the bag door flap to direct the clippings down into the bag. The algorithm parameters are: users' rating, number of resolved issues, number of company's responses etc. It is difficult to believe that it doesn't come with an Owner's Manual on how to operate it. what it actually does is force the grass down to the floor of the bag in the front where the clippings build up thereby BLOCKING the clipping from reaching anywhere near the back of the bag. Toro Mower Gets Some Traction. You keep giving retailers that are too far from my home. I have had nothing but issues with it from the beginning. I tried to order a Toro Zero Turn online using their Toro credit card that I applied for and was approved. Mower was geared way too fast for my lot. Toro is an American turf maintenance company based out of Minneapolis. I purchased this mower to replace a 17 year-old Toro Personal Pace mower that broke (I think it was the drive shaft) - and I couldn't be happier! This review was posted by a verified customer. This review was posted by a verified customer. Toro model 20370 / serial # [protected] Review #2167133 is a subjective opinion of poster. I e-mailed about a deflector that kept falling off the grass catcher for a Toro Zero Turn mower. We are processing your message. Toro was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Sep 24, 2013 and since then this brand received 97 reviews. Something else for me to be aware of the next time I need a small lawn mower. I only have e-mail and difficult with all the ads and request for Visa # and email. I mow 20 feet and have to empty a 1/3 full bagbe damn careful when buying toro lawnmowers. ", "looks like a good unit---waiting for snow", "BUY A DIFFERENT BRAND". Many users were satisfied with the mower’s cutting performance and self-propel during normal conditions. Toro was founded way back in 1914 and specialized in engines for farm tractors. The Toro self-propelled mower line continues to expand with a model that is tailor-made to tackle your uneven terrain. Is this is an example of toros customer service then I have bought my LAST toro product. Toro TimeCutter HD XS5450 MyRide Tractor Mower (74867) Key Features in Summary: Toro V-Twin engine 708cc Cutting deck 137cm/54 inches Ability to turn on the spot Superb around obstacles Power output 18.2 kW / 24.5 HP 3 Anti scalp wheels After 2 and a half hours on the phone getting a run around I was told out right that I would not get that for the prior sale price. Review #1187875 is a subjective opinion of poster. Review #2066726 is a subjective opinion of poster. Same issue with the compression and head gasket, 30 days out of warranty. I bought a Toro from my Home Depot in 2017..Would not start, I purchased because it stated starts on 1st or 2nd pull. Review #2119747 is a subjective opinion of poster. Most mowers are easy to set up these days but it’s still important to point out. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pinterest Email. Toro Recycler Features Initial Thoughts. A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile. Toro Recycler 22" Personal Pace (Petrol Lawn Mower): 3.1 out of 5 stars from 16 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site Standard assembly with this one really – attach handle, add oil and gas and your ready to go. Buy a different Toro mower Instead. After half a lawn I returned it for this one, and I … When offered to test this beautiful beast, it was accepted with great excitement and joy. Loved the mower but not the mower. A Toro mower with a Honda motor. I have had bad vibrations from the start a plate around the muffler cracked and was replaced. Toro Complaints & Reviews. Review #2167133 is a subjective opinion of poster. WOW sounded like a corn cutter in the field and has quit backing up at all? The Toro 60V Max 22 is a solid and powerful battery mower that offers up to half an acre of cutting on a battery while pulling itself along using an intuitive self-propulsion system. Left message with Toro on 08/19/2019. Review #1928411 is a subjective opinion of poster. Drive it on the lot first. User's recommendation: The Toro 30" push mower needs alot of improvement this year. Never buy a TORO. Very first time I used it was like pushing through mud. The cost of this snow blower is over $1500;. In Toro Toro Walk-Behind Mowers for 2020 (Review & Buyer’s Guide) February 12, 2020 12 Mins Read. If possible, could you give me detailed instructions on how to access this much-needed manual. To check out the current prices and review dozens of other reviews, check out Toro’s push mower on and Husqvarna’s push mower on Amazon. No one tests lawn mowers & tractors like we do. Who said they put in a new spark plug and an air it to start after many pulls. This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Toro said sorry nothing they can do...Never again will I buy their product. Review #1270833 is a subjective opinion of poster. Mower is 46 days old, If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter, There is no customer service and they steal your money. Most non-riding mowers nowadays are really cheaply-made and unreliable. Liars. Toro’s MyRide Suspension System Now Comes on TimeCutter MX Line. Boasting an all-wheel drive system and self-propelling feature, the … Toro has refreshed all of the residential zero-turn mowers for 2020! The 11 best Toro Lawn Mowers in 2021 ranked based on consumer reviews - Find consumer reviews on, Australia's No.1 Opinion Site. Review #2225468 is a subjective opinion of poster. Look at the manual or other paperwork that came with the machine and read the warranty section. Most commonly, consumers tend to contact Toro to ask questions about: Product/ Service, Request for Information, Shipping and Delivery. I had a lawn boy personal pace 21" mower and loved it, then Toro bought them and I got the Toro person pace and it was not as light and fast as the Lawnboy but still pretty good.The 30" Timemaster does not work the same way and instead of it just going as fast as you walk you need to push against a grip on the handle to get it to go fast and then it jumps and goes too fast. Being a taller guy, fitting on a lower end residential zero-turn can sometimes be a challenge. Whilst I am generally happy with how the mower cuts my grass I am extremely frustrated by... Mower does not work and customer service is not helpful. User's recommendation: Their mowers are crap and can’t get a hold of customer service. Ive had this mower for a few months and noticed today that it was very difficult to start.