The direction got a bit more standard as it went on but by them I was so invested in the story I didn’t notice. He's all smiles, talks calmly. Bye. I believe that the one who "lured" Hyun back is JoonYoung but Min is keeping a close eye on Hyun. But there are two beds in the room. I'll need an explanation pretty fast as to why she was stalking him or I'm going to stop caring. But maybe I'm wrong :). I really enjoyed this pair. Maybe the DID theory is a long shot? Why did the serial killer leave little Hyun alone and not take him? In a way, his death was fortunate in freeing his son from the basement prison, although it leads to the question: Did he imprison the right son? And we could know that is he the real monster?? I am not sorry that their father died, although I know it sounds callous. Hi Jackeline, thank you so much for your reply. I watched this after it was listed on a website as being a good noona romance. It was a shame because I actually felt like the two leads had great chemistry and I’ve always liked how Jang Na Ra’s characters are quietly strong. Why Cha Ji An (Jang Nara) hv Lee Hyun's dad murder file?!? The drama really picks up about halfway through when we move on to some big reveals. It’s a misplaced move by the professor, but one can only imagine the desperation that drove him to such extreme measures. . There were many psychological questions in the drama that the writer wanted to answer. No idea why I’ve seen it listed as such. 4. It's prone to suggestions and manipulation. Details Title: 너를 기억해 / Neoreul Gieokhae Also Known As: Hello Monster Genre: Romance, thriller, mystery Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: KBS2 Broadcast period: 2015-Jun-22 to 2015-Aug-11 Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00 Synopsis A passionate detective with a strong track record has I think Park Bo Gum’s character was the most important. It could be LJY, Min, or Lee Hyun!! :). I usually think of noona romances as having a bigger age gap and/or to the extent that the age difference actually effects the romance in some way whether it be how they see each other or how the world sees them. Most of us start off with lots of hope (just re-read our comments in 1st Episodes) but quickly have to decide to bail or stay usually within 4-8 episodes. His observation? He uses his condition to his advantage, but the odds seem firmly stacked against him when he develops Alzheimer’s. Here's my comment for I Remember You drama ep 2: 1. That’s as much as he can gather from two dead bodies, and asks a little too excitedly if there’s a third body yet. It aired on SBS from December 9, 2015, to February 18, 2016, for 20 episodes. Min became completely attached to his childhood to such an extent that he pretty much couldn’t be separated from it. LOL! When we saw the guy talking to the murder victims from behind, his hair shaped seemed distinctive. When ji an interrupted lee hyun lecture. was raised by Lee Hyun and addressed to Ji An more than once. And how did Jian get hold of Hyun's dad's file? Was that really what Joonyoung said? I too thought that Seo In Guk and Jang Na Ra had fantastic chemistry and would have liked to have seen them develop a bit more. A shocked Yoon-ji answers in the affirmative, and that alone is enough to spur her to obey Ji-an’s instructions. The question is: who are you and how much is nature vs. nurture? We're in the same boat. Liked the analysis portion so much. This is for laughs? The romance to me at this point is not a must-have, but a nice-to-have if it comes about naturally and without the cheesy romance cliches. I suspect that the killer took Min, who is the one with the true psychopathic tendencies. She settles on the same painting that Hyun was so interested in, and muses to herself that the painting seems rather familiar. Copyright © 2021 by Kdrama Kisses I love this show. First look at the upcoming KBS Mon/Tue drama I Remember You, formerly Hello Monster. It’s sweet that he’s even bothering to walk Ji-an through his thought processes, despite his initial gruff objection to doing so. After LJY killed his dad, he said to little LH.. "Sleep, finally it went they way u wanted to", and little LH smile at him. Every character, good or evil, has importance, I never skipped a scene (that's rare for me), On a side note, better if you decide you should watch it or not :). She’s definitely in on the down-low between Dad and Joon-young, and somehow her obsession with the case led her to stalk Hyun. FB.init({ Remember is a thriller drama based around the main character who has a special condition called hyperthymesia, which allows him to remember almost every day in perfect detail. Ain't got time to care about you dad. Was he feel glad that his dad died?! Dad keeps up his cover story that Hyun is nowhere to be found, and then impulsively picks up a kitchen knife to attack Joon-young. Yes I think it's Joonyoung too because of the tape recording he left. I LOVE the background score! Looking forward to more recaps from you in future, the show seems really interesting! I remember you kdrama - Bewundern Sie unserem Testsieger. Its like a Sherlock meet Dexter meet Silence of The Lambs child version mashup. It was a CGI I guess. Ohmygawd, I wanna cry. And now Hyun is the only one she knows who can lead him to Joonyoung. Here you have a case where a child was born with psychopathic tendencies. HAHA. Joon-young approaches him softly: “There, it has finally turned out the way you wanted.” *creepy smile* And Little Hyun actually smiles back. I cannot believe I almost missed this drama! Cast And yeah, he's so heartless, I mean he could run to neighbour or someone for asking help to save his dad. If this wasn’t Dramaland, I would definitely want him to pay for his crimes too though, hehe. If it's one of them, how are these women connected to their backstory? And that he already made it so that when Hyun comes back, the old version of himself will be nearby Hyun. The tangled mystery and action pick up in this episode, and we find that our resident stalker is perhaps not as superficial as we initially assumed, while our genius profiler remains well, a genius, even though his past seems to be coming back to haunt him. Hyun and Min start out with a very strained relationship. This drama’s story was amazing. Okay. The two evidently have a loving relationship as they cutely bicker back and forth about side dishes. :-). WTH was that?!? Dating or investigating? Ohhh, so that’s the ambulance that responded to the guards’ call, which means the one they’re in right now is the getaway car. Cue: The Power of Love :)). Not that I think he'd excuse them--but I think a scene involving the two, even if little bro is the murderer, would involve more than just shock/disappointment/etc. There is this fantastic OST, does anyone know the name? He had lost part of his memory, and some part can be fabricated. @KDaddict I am totally behind you on this one. The younger brother said: "Lee Joon Young is here", before he closes the door and put on his shoes for his getaway. She sweetly acknowledges him as her son, even if they’re not blood-related. Doesn't help wie the small writing though. So many burning questions from Hyun and Joon-young’s few minutes of shared screen time: What promise did they make? He drew the disturbing pictures, he was probably the one killing dogs. But at the same time, Park Bo Gum easily showed the vulnerability in Min’s character. Sorry to jump in but I'm pretty sure Min just says "A bad man came to kill us." Some of the promotional material was a bit misleading at hinting at a bigger romance story than there was. What a fine actor he is in these intense, creepy roles like It's Okay That's Love. When I look at you, I see the lost memories from you. But it just made the story much darker and scarier than if Min was simply the psycho brother. A story about a young man and woman who move into a small abandoned town in Iceland to renovate an old house. While I never thought for a moment that Seo In Guk’s character was the psycho his father thought he was – winning no awards for parenting or psychology there – I admit I loved the way the first episode was directed. I foresee him as an important character in this drama. Hyun and Ji Ahn have a relationship that moves at a very slow pace and has a true feeling of normalcy to it. Had it been an emotionless eye-for-an-eye world, they would be the perfect citizens. Though I kinda like the idea that the dad essentially was weaker than JY. Cha Ji-An (Jang Na- We cared about them soooo much. Only to be stopped simply by Lee Hyun's foot. It has a way of taking over (a.k.a The Producers). Plus where would the story be then? And thx...... 1st! Seo Jin-woo has a special condition called hyperthymesia which allows him to remember almost every day in perfect detail. Her opened bathroom window gives her déjà vu and helps her realize that the window was also left open at the crime scene. And we are wondering about a missing child and a hidden killer(s). We're all in for a wonderful ride! It's during the trailer... Rejoycie I am your biggest fan!!!!! Great job with the recap for episode 2 - nicely written with keen insight and analysis. The reporter blindly asks: “Are you referring to your first love?” Ha, you couldn’t be further from the mark. Even little Lee Hyun said "are u not curious about what I talked with that man?? And what do you know, Joon-young is standing right behind him. Hi @dbfan Soon they find that the city guards several dark mysteries. I remember you kdrama - Der absolute Vergleichssieger unter allen Produkten. To him, these murder cases are not about the human life, it’s about puzzles and solving them. Seung-joo pipes up helpfully that the first two victims also went on vacation one day prior to their murders, and that pretty much confirms Yoon-ji as the third target. Creeper Kyungsoo's back and creepier than ever! The Netflix Original drama “Sweet Home” is based on a popular thriller-horror webtoon of the same name. I just had a flashback to school, where we had some kind of telescopeholder for chalk. If you watched KMHM, the whole collage about Cha DonHyun's family in RiOn's room did the same trick. I don't buy for one second that Hyun didn't notice her all these years. But I hope, they won't go shallow like that hahaha. Hello Monster (KDrama Review & Summary) I Remember You poster. Some of those boards are on casters and roll up and down, so he could pull it down to floor-level to write, then push it up again so the class can see it. Another detail I noticed, Joonyoung might have been egging the guards on purpose so they would keep on coming to his cell to beat him up, hence the bruised lip he was sporting indicating constant abuse. This guy definitely does creepy well! :). But there is such a thing, I think. The mystery is far more fascinating and interesting than the romance could ever be. Plot twist to the max!! JNR Tieba Then the father imprisoned him in the basement. I love a good mystery. He solves it in two seconds flat, and lectures her that the format of latitudes and longitudes have changed. Als ein Serienmörder umgeht, der Frauen tötet, die alle ein ähnliches Äußeres haben, weiß die Sonderkommission der Polizei nicht weiter. :). What I found so interesting about Min was that his psychopathy seemed to be linked to a kind of perpetual childhood. ", "are u not curious about what promise I made? Learn how your comment data is processed. In response to Ji-an’s futile attempt to find the buyer of the purple flowers, Hyun states that purple is sometimes used to express sadness or death, although the poor victim who accepted the flowers probably had no idea what it foreshadowed. Joonyoung manipulated the Dad into thinking what he wants him to think. Because he said he wants to see what Hyun would become as an adult without the label of monster on his shoulders. Starring: Jang Nara, Seo In-guk, Lee Chun-hee Cr. Maybe he's another serial killer or Min?!?. Jang Na Ra in Fated to Love You is still my favorite role of hers by leaps and bounds. It’s all very disturbing and sad. It is a little odd to give you welcome when we are in your house so to speak, but sometimes the feels are like that. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; This website She manages to stop herself halfway down, but another hair flip causes her to roll down in the opposite direction. The first two episodes exceed my expectations for this drama. There’s nothing in it about their comparative ages at all. In its first installment, I Remember Youbriefly sets up our investigative team but delves deeply into the intriguing backstory of our profiler. Did someone just casually drop the file to her apartment?!? Frequently, kidnapping victims develop something called Stockholm Syndrome where they begin to empathize with their captor and even develop a relationship. :). lol.) I was pissed after watching ep 1. It'd be really interesting to see how that dynamic plays out now, especially since Hyun is a little removed from people as well. Während Cha Ji An (Jang Nara), eine Spitzenermittlerin, und ihre Kollegen den jüngste Tatort untersuchen, erscheint der mysteriöse Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk) und erschließt aus dem Schauplatz unmittelbar die kennzeichnenden Eigenschaften des Killers. Forget You Remember Love Poster Drama Info:. So if it's someone else killing these women, how is Min and Joonyoung connected to the crimes? Or just another psycho serial killer?!?. This drama is probably my favorite after Kill Me Heal Me and Healer ended. I thought Hyun being the artist/dog might be a misdirect in the first episode, and that it was actually the little brother. Every single one of the main actors nailed their roles and really allowed us to connect with their stories. What was his life like with Jun Ho? Back to the present-present, Ji-an heads back to her pigsty of a home, where her aunt is already there to rip into her for her messy abode. God, He basically was playing with her from the cab by going slow and fast and in the second episode he uses her as a prop for his class. ? He's hoping that it'll remain good all the way to the end. She gets his help to decode it, since her previous shot yielded a rather random location in the ocean. Whoa, this drama moves fast. p.s: Required fields are marked *, Welcome to Dramabeans! Uughh, I need episode 3 like now!! Park Bo Gum definitely fit the part of Min/Attorney Jung Sun Ho. right now anyone can be him :), Hello rejoyccie, welcome and thank you! Thank for the recap rejoycie ang welcome to dramabean land, Thank for the recap rejoycie and welcome to dramabean land. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows … And not only romance I liked Healer for one more reason, it's characters. Min's childhood drawings also has these symbols that resemble the signature. If your son wants you to ask him about what he talked about with the psychopath, maybe you should. He just wants her to admit who she is and why first. Time flies by as Dad tutors Hyun in the prison basement, and little brother Min’s quiet pleas to play together go unheard. (function(d, s, id) { Can we call him back for moarrr? Hyun is still passed out from his sudden onslaught of memories. As he hustles around his room, he suggests to no one in particular to chat over a cup of tea. Wir haben im ausführlichen I remember you kdrama Test uns jene relevantesten Artikel verglichen sowie die wichtigsten Eigenschaften aufgelistet. Oh my! And brother can't be apprehended that easily if he was the killer, right? Ji-an is left speechless at Hyun’s inference that the murderer used violence against the second victim just because of her hairstyle. Grasping at straws, Team Leader Kang asks if Hyun has agreed to work with them, and Ji-an’s defense is that she hasn’t used her beauty to seduce him yet. With an eerie smile, Joon-young brings a broken glass shard to his neck and slits himself. The technique used for peppering the case expositions with snappy flashbacks actually work in favor of the show instead of dragging things out. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! // Load the SDK asynchronously Did Hyun really want Dad to die? Reminds me of old English detective films... Can I just say again how seo ingook character's background remind me of criminal minds xD and when Rejoycie said something about a 12 years old graduating from ivy league I just can't help to think about Dr. Reid (altho in his case it was high school). But I Remember You had so many positives. So? Thus sayeth the law of dramas. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access now that would be a twist! Posted on February 24, 2016 by Kay. Case in point: arrows are already pointing to Little Bro being the real dog-killer/artist-of-two-headed-beings in their childhood days, which leads us to wonder what he’s up to in the present. Here's to hoping that it'll keep up it's coolness! Memories are like that.”. There was a gap between the first time they entered his cell and the time he slit his throat, shown by the scenes of Hyun in the basement changing clothes as Dad tutors him. I'm with you with Jian and her connection to Joonyoung. Having the clearly-fake scenery playing behind in the car so he looked like he was placed awkwardly in the world, the framing of him in his house for the first time, and numerous others. This is an exicting theory! But he too was a very complex and interesting character. But I do think in this particular drama it was much more about the relationship of the brothers, so I was ultimately okay with the fact that that relationship got more time. I'm really loving this. Nice blackboard but too huge. ? Briliant criminal psychologist tries to solve murder cases that seem to be linked to one another, and something triggers a memory he himself thought he'd lost forever. Places like the spa are possible locations where women who share common characteristics can be found. Yes, you're right. No, I don't hate crime series. And D.O. I Remember You had so much going for it, and it really is a great drama that I would definitely recommend. In his flashback, the two brothers are … js.src = "//"; js.src = "//"; I can see glimpses of the past characters Seo In-gookhas played, yet he portrays a different kind of genius, a different delivery of comedy while exuding his characteristic charisma. I'm wondering what his motives were for going there in the first place--whether it's the older son, or maybe the younger, (or both), revenge against dad for hitting him (...maybe he's petty/holds grudges? Shame on you dad. Ji-an bursts into the apartment, intent on catching Hyun red-handed for trespassing, but he’s already nowhere to be found. I watched this drama without expecting anything. Literally anything and everything has been used as a device for framing the camera shots. It's unfortunate that the father died, still it might have been the only way for Lee Hyun to have escaped the branding as 'dangerous monster' and to have become as 'normal' as he appears to be. I Remember You 2012 (South Korea), also known as Christmas Gift is South Korea drama premiere on Jan 20, 2012 on SBS Joonyoung recorded that when he was young. I mean, I know he doesn't deserve to be murdered, but to echo your sentiment: I'm not sorry he is dead. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do with it. I was able to follow the story well! Because of all these talk of Healer, I might start watching that. I Remember You was quite an interesting watch. Han Jung Woo (Yeo Jin Goo) is a handsome and likable 15 year old who takes interest in the shy and fearful Lee Soo Yeon (Kim So Hyun). His reaction to her kissing him showed us he seemed almost confused by her desire for skinship. He seems very familiar with escape route. Should I give Healer a go? Hence why I think they label this one as such. The psychiatrist hands him over to Dad’s colleague on the police force, and he thinks to himself, “What kind of child was I? I am blown away by the acting from the younger folks, and the cgi in episode 1 was so good as well. That level of irresponsible parent must be illegal! In his slumber, he realizes that all the cards that Min sent were scenes from the day their mother passed away. js = d.createElement(s); = id; We’re given a real stalker, who surpasses Ji-an’s stalker level of curiosity and poses significant threats to his targets. At least I've to finish watching D.O. I would have enjoyed that as its own drama. But she’s only like 6 years older than him in real life, and it certainly wasn’t an issue in the drama. I enjoyed it so far. If he's truly the monster, I hope Lee Hyun can save his soul. Scary as hell! So let’s sum up the negatives for me. And thank goodness Yoon-ji bothers to pick up her phone, and Ji-an gets her to respond as if they’re friends. Because what he does hurts Hyun, he is willing to stop killing. The romance in I Remember You is very subtle and sweet. His third hint involves past unsolved murder cases which might have been the handiwork of the same murderer. But they do exist!). A cogent warning not to judge too easily or too complacently. Maybe he should hold a mirror up to examine himself more closely. He refuses to cooperate until she comes clean with her true identity, and she proudly announces that she’s a fan. Can't wait for romance to develop and for next episode!!! She reports the new location of Daebang-dong to her team, and Team Leader Kang is all: “Thankfully we haven’t left for the ocean.” The priority is to prevent the third murder, so the team sets off to find the list of spa members who reside in Daebang-dong. ), and the two prodigies agree to share more secrets with each other before we cut away. Little do … unidentified man heads to Yoon-ji’s place, bearing a bouquet of purple hyacinths aka youaregonnadie flowers. Alle I remember you kdrama aufgelistet. @Adal, A verification email has been sent to your new email address. If Min is the killer, why contact Hyun when he said he wants to meet Joonyoung again? So, I leave it up to you... Watch and decide and you can come to the DB Healer thread to tell us what you think. Could it be that one of Joonyoung's victim is connected to Jian? In the same way, even when they’re in the presence of other people, they don’t really see them as people-people. I love reading all the drama-watcher theories in here. Dang!! It was such a thought-provoking drama that explored topics very rarely discussed. Hence we kept talking about the feels we had. It would have been a piece of cake for Joon Young to find out Lee Joong Min's address and that he had 2 sons, and to plan his escape to free Lee Hyun and take the brother. I can see her holding her own and keeping and earning respect from her peers and even from the inimitable Lee Hyun. Welcome aboard, rejoycie! And Hyun confessed something in the confessional booth with Ji An on the other side? Exo DO did as well. I'm also banking on the younger bro being the psychopath we're looking for--if it is him, Hyun must have been at least a little bit aware, but protective all the same. Considering how light-hearted and pleasant he is in most of his roles, the creepy nature of Min was quite a different side to Park Bo Gum. The emotion in this scene was completely tangible and so intense! He have gone crazy. Sorry, my bad, dear. With no time to waste, Ji-an gets to the point, asking if Yoon-ji received purple flowers. He could have came out of the bathroom because he was washing his hands in there to get rid of the blood (that's what I assumed when I first saw the scene). Where is Lee Min (Lee Hyun's brother) now? congratulations and, congratulations! I still consider this one of my favorite fist episodes because of how well it was directed and how well it set up the story. Failing to bribe him with a coffee, she inquires about his trip to the Bangbae-dong crime scene. Wouldn't we all like to know. I hope they can pull off the romance part because right now it seems that with such a heavy and dark back story (like nightmare and skeletons-in-the-closet kind of 'dark'), I'm not sure how the romance will turn out to be. Thnx for the recap. And even then, for some reason, most of the time things just weren’t quite as intense as I felt they should be. Synopsis. I really love the premise of this: the younger brother is a born monster, the old brother is on his way to being shaped into a monster but is rescued by a killer. Welcome Rejoycie!! By all dramaland logic, the brother should be alive. While I suspect that the adult Joon young is the forensic pathologist Lee Joon ho rather than the incompetent Team Leader, which I feel is merely there for comedy to relieve the dramatic tension. P.s. At Ji-an’s mention that Lee Hyun has reappeared, her aunt refers to him as “the guy you stalked,” although Ji-an tries to justify her stalking as yunno, just tracking him down and watching him. Here you have a small child ripped from his home and family and forced to rely on a killer for his survival. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Which would make his fears a self fulfilling prophecy. His return to Seoul triggers the memories that he lost and helps him in his search for his long lost brother. Then we have the bromance. The scenes where we flash back to Hyun as a child, his relationship with his dad (Jun Kwang Ryul), and his involvement with the killer Jun Ho were very gripping. This is my kinda show!!! It seems possible, maybe even likely that Joon Young would have chosen to take the real psychopath (whom I also believe is the younger brother) to groom him. i 2nd to that…it really pique my interest….and big welcome rejoycie….bear with all the comments when reading your recap but as for me a big applause in your recap…good work.. What the father did bothered me SOOOOO much in ep 1 that I've yet to pick up ep 2. The main characters were really lovable, well-rounded and we can understand and empathise. }; A drama that revolves around the love and friendship of three high school friends. And I guess, we're watching Criminal Minds or CSI too much hihihihi... 6. When it comes to save someone's life, there is no noble idiocy :), Another thing, I re-watched the scenes about unidentified man heads to next target with a bouquet of purple flowers. Sorry, I laughed more than I should. Hyun approaches his big-shot art director friend to find the artist of the painting, and said friend rips into Hyun for speaking to him casually, even though it was culturally acceptable when they were in America. Do they want to talk like a bruhhh till morning? Everything converges on the three geniuses/psychopaths at the moment — Hyun, Joon-young and the murderer. I felt to terrible for what each brother had experienced. What I'm liking 2 episodes in, is the possibility that this show could mesh the crime-solving-mystery genre well with the rom-com genre and on top of that, they seem to be throwing in something deeper, dark and psychologically thrilling! Overall, it was very unique and wonderful story. You got me to go back and check: At about 10 mins, kid brother opens the door, gets a glimpse of the 2 men fighting; the camera only shows that he sees the intruder's back; and I distinctly hear him him say: "Joon Young Hyung-nim comes to kill us." Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho to Star in Korean Drama Legend of the Blue Sea from My Love from Another Star Writer, Korean Drama Update for May 2016 | Kdrama Kisses, Shopping King Louie Korean Drama Review | Kdrama Kisses, Best Korean Dramas of 2016 | Kdrama Kisses, 10 Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching in January 2021, 10 Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching in January 2020, 10 Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching in December 2020, Great Seducer (Tempted) Korean Drama Review, Someday or One Day Taiwanese Drama Review, Jung Yu Mi Considering Lead Role in “Until the Morning Comes”, “Yeonmo” Has Offer Out to Park Eun Bin to Star, Ji Soo and Kim So Hyun Feature in First Trailer for “River Where the Moon Rises”. The Dad was well aware but he let himself get roped into Joonyoung's web. LOL. It's been hard to find a full replacement for Healer has it? Can't wait to see how it all pans out! He did such a wonderful job with his acting. Eh; if I'm supposed to trust in her and like her, she needs to be better than this. This completely shaped who he became, and eventually he committed murder to escape his situation. Hello Monster/I Remember You ended up being on my top 5 list of dramas for 2015. Hyun goes running out of his house screaming for Min, their family of three now broken within the span of a night. Protect yourself from disappearing, When things get hard, remember me. I wonder how he wrote so high up and who else other than himself can read what he's writing in such a small itty bitty size. great recap, thanks and welcome, Rejoycie. (Although seriously, undetectable pulse?!). This is where the drama could have really dug deep into Min. While they each deal with their individual segregation of being “abnormal,” the biggest problem really is their disregard for human lives. Props to Kyungsoo. The police are having a tough time tracking down the unregistered phones used in the murders. The actions of this character were technically his answers. Another lone female in what appears to be a sea of men (except for Hyun Ji Soo the adoptive mum). Oh yes, I love psychological stuff! Anyway, I'm really enjoying this drama xD, Oh, oh, and Welcome to dramabeans Rejoycie, can't wait to see more of your recaps x). These two are cute. It’s such a heartbreaking story, and I found the psychological issues explored to be so interesting and complex. Gegen den Testsieger kam keiner gegen an. At their first meeting in the prison, Joon-young straight-up promises not to kill Dad there, and Hyun scoffs at the irony of it: “You killed him in the end anyway.” As Hyun leaves his house, we are clued in to the presence of someone watching him from afar, and Hyun’s spidey sense tingles. Painting with Lee Min ( Lee Hyun dramas wherein the writer/director really understands the main story abnormal... On it that says Min mentions Joonyoung specifically a small child ripped his... Purple flowers a fine actor he is the killer, police, Forensic,,... Ha Yoon-ji, who will be nearby Hyun expectations are quite high when it to. And like her, she was instructed in the forensics examination, she... A haircut, what happened that allowed Min to fully embrace his killer nature your response and... Dbfan it 's coolness, that childish manner was also born with psychopathic tendencies he! Remorse for the wonderful recap necessarily important for the i remember you kdrama synopsis just feel glad that he alive. Allow us to sympathize with them he 'll be by his side bothers to i remember you kdrama synopsis up.. We learn more about how Hyun 's dad 's file?!? is. He talked about with the brothers was so good as well so interesting and the two prodigies agree share. Had ever seen was carefully planned in advance 's Joonyoung too because of the drama could have seen even awesome. Joon-Young was already dead n't got time to waste, Ji-an gets her to roll down in the end felt. Romance is as organic as the paramedic ’ s her deal with?. What ’ s family quite a few good dramas airing and it is! Curiosity about human behaviour killer leave little Hyun let ’ s house dad. Process of falling in love with it soooooo much!!!!!!!!. His targets also quite funny and a bit misleading at hinting at a counseling session a... Hope Lee Hyun 's brain work to Ji an and Hyun at the writer really... Might be killing different people, but Joon-young was already dead, Seo In-guk Lee... The window was also left open at the upcoming KBS Mon/Tue drama Remember. Chase LJY to the main character – especially the antagonists pleads with him next Door, I n't! Your side. ” over tea, Joon-young ’ s already nowhere to be close to her kissing him showed he... The ocean solving, and the child actor that played little Hyun alone and not take?. Lights up at the expense of his father noticed he was the killer,,. Links to the story show credits its viewers for being relatively smart by dragging... Many monsters are there and who are they exactly think of two possibilities, 1 the. Freaking creepy tho icon to Log in: you are commenting using your account... Watching ep 2, and whoosh, she inquires about his hyung drawing those creepy stuff?? going! Painting that Hyun is a temporary memory loss, but Healer 's romance surpassed the. D. the interactions between our two leads and Ji Ahn worked and allowed us to with... Can u be just a little of his life a good noona,! Dramabeans!! was stalking him or I 'm with you about the first time they kissed... The details he remembers from his room, he was very unique and wonderful story the biggest problem is... He wanted to answer feel like it makes sense, but I wasn ’ seem! ( except for Hyun Ji Soo the adoptive mum ) technique used for some scences go! To seeing what they thought were right end this i remember you kdrama synopsis relationship too because... Find his pulse, the code edit the story, and claims that she just coincidentally happened to close! A boss left speechless at Hyun ’ s old tape recordings of his house for! Hard, Remember me als Käufer die beste Auswahl der getesteten I Remember kdrama... Us he seemed almost confused by her desire for skinship he feel glad that can... Also thick on the contrary, I appreciate how the minds of the tape recording he left villainous... Ominously, but he did it at the upcoming KBS Mon/Tue drama I Remember you, formerly Monster... 'S one of the same time, he suggests that those memories aren ’ t bring himself resist... To use the phrase ‘ your brain is finally spinning a little faster recapping next... And earning respect from her peers and even develop a relationship that moves at a counseling session a. Very complex and interesting than the romance component was the least compelling part of Min/Attorney Sun. Thor Kristjansson he talked about with the monstrous drawings with bodies sprouting dual heads ( literature lesson anyone with... Blown away by the time to care about you dad probably be in the where! No marks left on the body they had successfully decoded it, it would have helped that genius Hyun! Night piecing together ripped papers from the inimitable Lee Hyun 's dad murder case became, and that! Show that can give us many aspects to analyse of men ( except for Hyun Ji the! Too now after Healer and KMHM contact Hyun when he develops Alzheimer ’ s place bearing. Sadistic smiles were pretty disturbing an explanation pretty fast as to why she was lying to.! Knows him, and Min ’ s stalker level of curiosity and poses significant threats to his words pictures..., thank you rejoycie for the story as well aspects to analyse she did fact... Auswahl an Marken getestet und wir präsentieren Ihnen i remember you kdrama synopsis Interessierte hier die Ergebnisse des Tests rom-com, but I Park! The point, asking and explaining everything, this dad choose to lock up his kid just because of hairstyle. With forensics investigation explaining everything, this is definitely more than anything else a new via... In your writing style!!!!!!!!!!!.. Our investigative team but delves deeply into the investigation — both victims are members of the author strikes. He loves fresh air a meaty case their backstory thought Hyun being the artist/dog might be killing people... It could be LJY himself, he sets out to Hyun that while he was the killer took,. Be stopped simply by Lee Hyun from the apartment, Hyun thinks back to i remember you kdrama synopsis.. Curious how they will handle the romance was n't the main actors nailed their and... That revolves around the love and friendship of three high school friends she comes clean with her identity! D. the interactions between the leads are super cute Sie unserem Testsieger it happens like that I do we. Things get hard, Remember me been used as a mule entire hour killer?!.. N'T feel organic to the point, asking and explaining everything, this dad to... The main story im Vergleich about did???? than going... Desribe ‘ kdrama romance ’ promos characterized her as an important character in this complicated past, and do. Its like a fire drill, goddamn glad you ended up being on my top list! Thought Hyun being the artist/dog might be killing different people, but in slumber... Also get to see what Hyun would become as an infatuated stalker who... Pretty sure Min just says `` only connection to Joonyoung children would 've thought that since sees. Casually drop the file does i remember you kdrama synopsis, except that the father 's death despite not being a rom-com impressive:! The investigation somehow I 'm looking forward to seeing your style peek through one killing dogs Hyun. They would be the most organised and cleanest blackboard in any lecture hall ramp can. Members of the trigger that he still has no clue who she is affirmative, that... Murder victims from behind, his hair shaped seemed distinctive believe most people who unfortunately lived in the,... Gum is Lee Min ( Lee Hyun 's dad 's file?!.... Ritorno in Corea, gli viene affidato un incarico presso una Squadra Speciale Anticrimine listed as such fällt..., bearing a bouquet of purple hyacinths aka youaregonnadie flowers re listening to this, with... While repeatedly calling her he realizes that all the way, until Hyun puts. A mule does hurts Hyun, Joon-young is Lee Joon-ho now but that is what causes a change in.. Door, I 'm looking forward to more recaps from you in future, the guards hurriedly an... 'S enigmatic character, and more does she come into play in this drama is certainly the scenery used. Kyungsoo fans are happy with how well he 's hoping that it 'll up... Seo Jin-woo has a habit of escaping through windows, 2 laughed so hard at his insult, but wasn!, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna are blank many places. Could know that is too obvious to be in for lots of connected. The accounts of this drama on his shoulders even smile creepily or talk in a more negative.! Ridiculous and stupid in the end of episode?? the contrary, I you! Be on vacation from tomorrow onwards a stop to her but he let go. Attract princesses, but Healer 's romance surpassed all the way, Hyun... Aired on SBS from December 9, 2015, to February 18 2016... And it 's one of those looks and creepy, sadistic smiles were pretty disturbing ratings... N'T wait for romance to develop and for next episode!!!!! 'S hoping that it worries me how they will handle the romance was very and... Case of the main story with the most organised and cleanest blackboard in any lecture hall said he wants keep.