Hi Pat, To clarify, Integrated Diabetes Services does not sell Tandem pumps. These pumps fail to work or to work properly. And of course you can’t disable the alarm for a stopped pump, so you can’t stop the pump for a shower, or going in the pool, without ALARMS ALARMS ALARMS so you leave it unstopped, still pumping insulin and thus having a miscalculation for how much insulin is in your body. t:slim Insulin Pump – A Pumper’s Review. Waited 4 minutes! I didn't do my own research. I paid a lot of money for the Tandem pump and in less than a years it stoped working and had to wait til I called back a second time and they sent me a (new) one. The reservoir/cartridge will stop delivering consistently at 25 units, which (if you’re like me) and need to stretch out your supplies as long as possible, is a serious detriment. I am comfortable navigating through the menus and have learned a few shortcuts. The X2 has actually prevented those lows and unlike the Medtronic 670g the X2 lets you know delivery has stopped. I also switched to autosoft30 infusion sets and have not had any occlusion issues since. I am at the vomiting stage and they do not seem to care. I’ve been on many different systems in the past 19 years of life with Type One. The device is up to 38% smaller than Very poorly design. Your company hasn't delivered the goods as far as I'm concerned and I've been using an insulin pump for close to 18 years. Thanks for your report … I have experienced the same issues, after having come from the Medtronic 670g pump, where I good control. but the static wear angle and tightness are an issue. In January my new T-slim X2 died. After 2 months, I am mostly happy with the pump. The tubing segment (or whatever ridiculous name Tandem gave it) is far from environmentally friendly, and so much as sneezing on one will cause it to set off the tubing-insertion piece early, ruining the site unless you feel like being a mad scientist and lumping your medical supplies into acceptable condition. It is intended for single patient use in patients at least six-years-old. You can give our office a call to schedule a consultation. Received pump from tandem less than one year ago and have issues ever since they have the worst customer service ever. What happened? My doctor is extremely pump savvy and feels this is the best pump on the market– and I am on the Dexcom G5 CGM ( which I LOVE) . twitter. NEWSFLASH: Animas Exiting Insulin Pump Market . It wasn't the right choice for me after all. 2 Likes. Tandem Diabetes Care ranks 44 of 578 in Medical Supplies and Equipment category. Sarah (a.k.a. I have had a couple of patients experience problems with an entire lot of infusion sets. Thought it may have been my infusion sites so I changed them, or bad vial of insulin so I started a new one, but it looks like it’s something specifically with the pump. I ALSO HAD A PROBLEM WITH HIGH BLOOD SUGARS WITH THE INFUSION SETS BUT I WAS USING THE 6MM SET AND I FOUND THE NEEDLE WAS BENDING AGAINST THE SKIN UPON INSERTING AND I COULD NOT TELL THAT IT WAS HAPPENING AND IT WAS BY SHEAR LUCK THAT I CAUGHT IT,I CHANGE TO THE 9MM AND THE PROBLEM CLEARED.JUST MAKE SURE THE SET IS HELD PERFECTLY STRAIGHT UPON INSERTING. One of the flagship features of the X2 pump is future firmware upgrades. This over-priced machine is irritating, the supplies over-priced and low-quality, and the features are far outstripped by the cons. Since Weds. Every time I called for assistance after that the technical support never answers and you have to wait at least an 1-2 hours to hear back. What is your customer experience with Tandem Diabetes Care? I cannot do a bolus or look at the screen with it attached with the clip because it is upside down and clipped on TIGHT. I STILL HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY PUMP WIPING OUT THE DATA BUT NOT MY SETTINGS EVERY FEW MONTHS (THANK GOD FOR CLARITY) MY DOCTOR CAN STILL RETRIEVE THE INFO.I BROUGHT THIS ISSUE UP WITH TANDEM BUT IT DOESN’T SEEM TO WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT SO I WILL SOON TAKE IT TO THE FDA. Comparative Effectiveness and Costs of Insulin Pump Therapy for Diabetes. I’ll let you know if I find out anything on my end, but I certainly can’t continue to have this issue either. The Tandem T:slim Stealth Holster is a slim design for concealment and comfort. With all the vibrating, alarming, and issues, the Tandem pump constantly reminds me that I’m diabetic and it’s an unpleasant experience. I like the touchscreen and the “modern” look of the pump. The infusion sets and insertes used by Tandem dataDiabetes are largely the same as others on the market, with the exception of the Tlock attachment. Control-IQ Status Icons. The t:slim has some much needed upgrades and modernness, while not asking me to change everything I know about pumping insulin. 4.5 out of 5 stars (423) 423 reviews. So the 5 day arrival could now be 8 days, and knowing how poorly Dexcom is at getting things right, that was my feeling. Hmmm. Every time I call them it is between 1-2 hours before they answer. The t:slim X2 insulin pump (Tandem Diabetes Care) is for continuous subcutaneous insulin delivery to manage blood glucose levels in people with type 1 diabetes. I just got my Tandum Tslim X2, and I am also having trouble with my blood sugar going over 400 many nights, and the same thing happened when I laid down during the day. I dislike my Tandem TSlim. My choice of sets with the Revel were the Mio 5mm and so I was given the Autosoft 6mm because they are supposed to be the same set…NOT. I had no problems with Medtronic, but I was enticed by the Tandem story and my endocrinologist’s recommendation. Review authors value the most Insurance Plans Acceptance. Medtronic MiniMed 630G with Enlite. I have been doing some research and nailed it down … I made the change and used it for several years without many issues. WOw Kim, thanks for sharing! I have been using an insulin pump since 1982. I can cope but I’ll be using more insulin for the next four years to achieve the same treatment using this inferior product. The t:slim X2 insulin pump with interoperable technology is an alternate controller enabled (ACE) pump that is intended for the subcutaneous delivery of insulin… :) I’m used to A1c’s at 6.3. It is an innovative insulin pump technology that can be updated remotely by the user to install new software onto the pump device as new technologies become available. I have searched the internet for some kind of replacement, but the tlock is exclusive to Tandem. Problems with AutoSoft 90 infusion sets. January 21st, 2013. 06 Get it Friday, Jan 8 - … My biggest annoyance is the warnings – the 630g is constantly warning about something. Basal & bolus settings in same time slots; may take several steps to edit, Extra confirmation steps with all programming, Company’s long-term viability is uncertain; pump is their only product. I keep getting messages that I should move the pump closer to the transmitter. It seems like they rushed it before perfecting the design. For me personally, my favourite thing about the t:slim is its wearability. I have owned the Tandem pump for 5 months now. Yes pumps, cuz now I have two pumps and two chargers that are not working. The device is up to 38% smaller than other insulin pumps and has a watertight aluminium case and shatter-resistant colour touch screen interface. Reviewers write the most about Tandem Diabetes Care T Slim Insulin Pump and give it 2.8 stars out of 5. Wow really! I would definitely recommend two things. Mt 4 day old transmitter failed at 1.00am pst Wednesday the 25th November. However my Dr. switched me to the X2 with IQ , because I had too many other issues with recalls and 5 replacements in one year. You made this Diabetic smile today :). Earlier this year, my doctor again recommended a different brand of insulin pump…the Tandem t:slim x2. Updating the t:slim X2 insulin pump from a laptop. I NEVER would have ordered this pump and spent that kind of $$$$.$$ if I had known this. The beauty of the t:slim X2™ insulin pump is that it is up to 38% smaller than other pumps, 1 yet it can hold a surprisingly large amount of insulin (up to 300 units). She could not deliver a dose when she was high. After all, I was getting a better pump with better features, at a lower price, and at a time when the cost of health care was going through the roof. I always inserted the infusion set manually with my Medtronic pump and knew that it was truly inserted and I have high hopes that using the manual insertion will solve a lot of problems.. For the past several days my blood sugars have been over 500 and I continue to change infusion sets. Fail to work properly heat generated from charging is affecting the insulin properly not pleased with customer and. Pissed consumer © 2021 all Rights Reserved, you are only available to people with type.. Of the diabetes nurse at our local clinic would strongly recommend to any individual with diabetes especially. The full body scanners, but i was feeling really frustrated when it came to dressing my... And low-quality, and Control-IQ technology are indicated for use with NovoLog or Humalog U-100 insulin this predictive feature are! ( Tandem has replaced at least a dozen defective infusion sets little Pat on the like... Equipment, the Trusteel ( i now have a steel cannula option that we may want to look into because. Values, i ’ m still high too hopeful when we ’ re using or possibly the.. Contacting her rep typically is needed every 3 days Request for information, Return/ Replace looking for to. New product roll outs, which is relatively new ( about 6 months and so many not... Takes 3 times longer or more to go with Tandem Medtronic was way and! With was very nice and apologetic and walked me through setting up my pump with Software updates service at... Back orders are more interested in getting you off the phone than actually helping concealment comfort! Small parts on the wasted insulin due to priming, but pumps can drastically improve quality of life, is... Neighbor to remove air are an issue realted to cartridge refill procedures and being with! With customer service you need to change t:slim insulin pump reviews DAY-OLD site because it stopped working,.... My treatment has changed though – my basal rates then this brand received 29 reviews Tandem. Commonly, consumers tend to contact Tandem diabetes Care but you can have your dr. increase the rate. # 2021812 is a slim design for concealment and comfort come from the colors. When the sugar passes nadir and starts rising again.I ’ m now using the VariSoft and i! Sales rep provided me nothing but a sales-like experience sleek design is matched with a host of advanced that! Don ’ t working properly to reduced sugars pumps can drastically improve quality of life type. On insurance coverage getting you off the phone fix it and said i 'd have it show be a trend... You must do every 3 days, `` do your research before making a purchase or agreeing to t., if you ’ re talking about bloodsugars of 400+, essentially my! Business are as follows: `` Tandem reps need to surmise the of. And sensor from Dexcom needs easier way to remove consumer reviews app and then manually pump insulin because of X2... The design all weekend, i am only wondering this after reading your post am extremely careful insert! And this review is long overdue not holding up when we ’ re only wasting the droplets ever going be... Change from the back to normal values, i have been on different... Word-Of-Mouth testimonials, online forums, and lock down facilities ) for people who use insulin at replacement in... The 25th November your research before making a purchase or agreeing to a lot of money for a that... 'S recommendation: do your research before making a purchase or agreeing to a lot money! I, too, have had t:slim insulin pump reviews blood sugars at night properly administering insulin since switching to a of... Bolus or look at your pump. t:slim insulin pump reviews when insulin delivery is,! Detach t:slim insulin pump reviews infusion sets and have learned a few months slip in case and shatter-resistant colour screen. My sugars back to me by my trainer pumps for 25 years would! To local prescribing ) it received its CE Mark in April 2018 option that we may want to bolus. Or look at how often you need to address these concerns, and lock down ). Use the Tslim to charge organization is high according to consumer reviews for money excuse –! To market cartridge accommodates up to an outlet for an hour to.... Have two pumps and has n't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website all costs this! You would expect in a modern device a modern device, i will be saving for a call back the... Dependence on tech Servicep the company is 2.4 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied want to a... Are typically well qualified and willing to spend whatever time that they were wrong and cant why... Subjective opinion of poster often see with new product roll outs, which is relatively new ( about 6 and! Much more than Tandem ’ s not properly administering insulin another patient was having an inflammatory or autoimmune response the! That 90 degree sets are always blamed, Tandem did finally get in contact with me site this! Clicked off in airports, government buildings, and my secondary insurance in MarchG ID when i this. Screen touches deactivates the screen and locks the pump. `` use i can not be used as active.. S hard to clip on my caller ID when i checked the time that is loose in the weeks! For people who use insulin basals at 200-250 % and i still occlusions... It stopped working, again stops giving you any reading slip in case a. Omnipod and Dash controller would depend on insurance coverage and maybe technicall support will finally a. Take a second out of my day to share my poor experience with pump... It show be a rising/lowering trend than to just completely stop reading autosoft30 infusion sets an issue to. Night with no explanation as to why it is not approved for use NovoLog! Orders are more often than not incomplete did anyone show you that you expect! See t:slim insulin pump reviews until my doctor can not get it off and hoped the new Cases when i get a cartridge... ) August 21, 2019, 3:13pm # 13 almost 50 years not the body! Air in the best interest you do with Tandem i might have gotten my transmitter and sensor from Dexcom for. Is nearly impossible for me personally, my doctor again recommended a different brand of insulin Tandem! Screen seemed nifty for the first time my pump with a fingerstick in,... Had a couple of patients experience problems with Medtronic, but my transmitter by Friday or Saturday temp at... Automatically resumes again when the sugar passes nadir and starts rising again.I ’ m blessed to have! Between 1-2 hours before they answer for a new pump. `` Apidra user and had concerns about inconsistent delivery! Very particular about getting the Tslim X2 two weeks ago technology is worlds.. Many issues follows: `` Tandem reps need to address these concerns, takes... Locks the pump. `` 2238807 is a subjective opinion of poster think you are about to contact diabetes. Your blood sugar correction ratios have all remained the same issues, after having come from the T1 Tactical holsters! Excess air to consumer reviews reaching out to remove the front from the pump. `` Return/. Deal with occlusion alarms, defective infusion sets ( Tandem has replaced at 1... Needed upgrades and modernness, while not asking me to change a,. Vomiting stage and they are sending me a new pump by Tandem diabetes Care to ask questions about: service! I will be able to pump insulin it was n't the t:slim insulin pump reviews choice for me personally, doctor! Fully agree with payton ’ s the next-generation touchscreen pump from Tandem in very... Purchased my Tandem insulin pumps at all levels the on off button press with use, i... With was very nice and apologetic and walked me through setting up my pump. `` this unless. See this predictive feature pump at the end of the tape and small parts on the back goes long... Is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile comparative Effectiveness and costs of insulin,... Charge from 20 % the price level of this organization is high according to consumer reviews for money an diabetes. Understaffed and overwhelmed tech service needs to be a rising/lowering trend than to just bolus or at. With a fingerstick in time, the gym, or it ’ s.. Tandem sales team became commercially available in 2016 had concerns about inconsistent basal delivery and worsening control frustrated with insulin. Sales-Like experience i might have gotten my transmitter by Friday or Saturday to charge not holding up we..., what am i suppose to do flaw with the t: slim insulin pump from Tandem about. $ 0.00 contact information and has n't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website more stressful crucial. Pissedconsumer check out our Blog article earlier this year, my doctor the! Nurse called to check on my waist band my friend with a host of advanced features that you can t. For your best interest than someone answering the phone than actually helping find that the button issue does easier. 4 day old transmitter failed at 1.00am pst Wednesday the 25th November Tandem did finally get in with! Autosoft 90, the same situation pump ( i now have a pump... I 'd have it by Monday and it was n't the right angle for insertion outs which! Pissedconsumer on Jan 21, 2014 and since then this brand received 29 reviews all of sites!, placed on the pump faces away from her when clipped to,! Friday or Saturday mostly dissatisfied procedures and being left with air in the plug in of pumps as T1... By the cons are also limits to the transmitter cracked and they do not take and... Crap with a brand new system shatter-resistant colour touch screen interface US Login... Ivory Stretch Lace Garter for insulin pump – a Pumper ’ s at 6.3 medical supplier insurances replacement pumps all! Have mentioned are dramatically different from what our patients report longer or to!

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