The set top box connected via HDMI to the TV. Hello, I am trying to connect my desktop computer via an HDMI cable to my new Sumsung Smart TV (7 series, TU7100 model). I checked the hdmi cable by hooking up another source and it reproduced picture and sound no problem so it is not the cable. For better picture quality, you should connect the computer to the TV using standard VGA ports or via the DVI to HDMI cable provided your TV supports these ports. When I toggle through TV input sources, I see an additional "source" that is the cable box's name (I labeled it through the cable box menu/interface), but … Technician's Assistant: Anything else you want the TV expert to know before I connect … 2. Best HDMI cables for your new 4K and HDR TV in 2021. Regardless, I found a "decent" solution. -Use a new HDMI CABLE for ROKU, AMAZON, DVD, BLU-RAY, X-BOX, PlayStation, etc.-Make sure there is no damage where the cables connect into. Hdmi cable. Tried different cables, etc., no luck. There's no reason to spend more than $1 per foot, even for the most expensive TVs. My problem is that I get the “No Cable Connected” message BUT I do hear the TV show via the receiver’s speakers which means that the TV does get the signal from … If the component cables are plugged in at the same time as any of the HDMI, none of them work. And the TV is a Samsung LED series 6, 6000/6050, bought a few months after LEDs hit Best Buy. I have a 2 year old Samsung Smart TV, connected to a receiver (thus I can have the TV sound on better speakers etc). The DVI/HDMI cable is a Dynex. NOTE: If after using a new CABLE the BLACK SCREEN is now gone and you can see the picture and sound, the problem is resolved and the issue was a faulty cable. Details and stuff I tried to fix it/isolate the probelm: 1. No picture but have sound. No picture or sound when playing camera or camcorder content on a TV via HDMI connection Unable to receive a picture from the Blu-ray Disc player when using an HDMI connection Picture from a device that is connected by HDMI does not display in 4K (50p/60p). Technician's Assistant: Was there a power outage recently? Open the "display settings" in your Vista computer and activate output to the TV screen. First you need a video cable for making the physically connection. It isn't the TV - which is also a Samsung LED. Tried new Xbox One, no signal. Swapped out cables, reset TV (several times), no signal. Plugged Xbox 360 into component, and that worked, but no signal thru HDMI. Technician's Assistant: Are there any HDMI cables or A/V jacks (red, yellow, and white cables) plugged into your TV? It's plugged into HDMI 1, but the message is there's no input and to check the source. If I connect the cable box to the tv through component cables, it works just fine, but ONLY if the HDMI input cables are unplugged. The cable box is on and I can verify it's sending a signal by popping it into the old tv. Don't overspend! Damaged COAX Cable … Damaged HDMI Cable. No. The computer recognizes the TV. Hi, I have a Samsung Blu ray player that stopped playing the picture recently. 1. It says "No Signal" on the TV screen on both HDMI inputs. We have had some issues with the HDMI cables where they connect to the tv. Decided to add Comcast cable and xbox to it after the holidays, so the Comcast guy came over w/a new box - no signal.

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