This Drama is definetly one of the best dramas this year and the Story is cute, MOON27 Aug 24 2019 3:59 pm Jun Jun 26 2020 4:35 pm The girl had a lover but they kissed. As Sun-Oh's ugly personality revealed itself more and more, the whole character became completely unattractive to me. - does everything Jo Jo wants, she just needs to say “I can’t stand, I want to go out”, he takes her out, right away But on the other hand, doesn’t he sorta loves her at first sight? My life is hard already, to much hurt,, then how can i watching this but jojo and sun-oh not be together,, sorry ???? As you can see form the earlier episode, they didnt have much script but over dramatic, the only part that i like is when jojo being bullied by her own cousin.but end up finish this bcs im stupid or whatsoever. Anyway, when on first part of the drama in which Hye Young is following Jojo after their part time without knowing Sun O is also following both of them, Sun O is looking at Jojo curiously until they locked eyes and the expression on Sun O is so real! Kim So Hyun, Song Kang, and Jung Garam, you all did a really great job portraying the character! The Guys Who Likes Pretty Smiles Jan 05 2021 7:18 am The moment I acknowledged is when Jojo and Sun-oh were smiled and support each other. jo jo left him in heartbroken and felt bad. Signal is an intense crime thriller with a storyline that keeps your heart pounding to the very end. they made a good chemistry, the way they love each other and their heartbreaking moments really teared me apart which is in season 2 upcoming, kim jojo and sun oh deserved the happiness ! Studentxoxo Jun 06 2020 4:54 am Poor script, too slow, messy story line. Tan Sep 11 2019 7:09 am But that protester give me duk gu's vibe. I just want to watching this from epi 1 till 5,,, because i feel so dispointed when i see how jojo and sun-oh after that? Like I'm so tired of all this rich boy with family/pressure issue going for the poor girl who has it hard? Sun Oh wants to be together with Jo Jo, but is it for her happiness or his? - was eager to be beaten up, as long as you have feelings for him. kdrama jdrama streaming in english subtitle Though a frequently repeated plot device, the chemistry between characters and their love triangle dynamics make things fun and keep viewers interested to the end. Unless they'll destroy his character*****. Mr. He’s so talented and handsome! I didn't expect this to be such a cliffhanger but oh well, that was unpredictable. Do you know what a conversation is? Dora Aug 23 2019 5:40 am She can't blame her life. What can happen when complete strangers live together under roof? Thank you :), Micha Aug 31 2019 11:10 am You'll forget everything within days after watching the drama. They did touch base on it a little but I would have liked to have seen more. Even though sun oh and jo jo didn't end up together atleast kim so hyun and song kang together in real life I hope my dream lol.. . I will give my best to try love somenone who is already in my real world .. Suho is too good coz sometimes it make Jojo feel so small when she beside him but it also unfair to Suho when Jojo put a shield into his joalarm to safe her heart and take away Suho smile's. His goal is to be together with Jo Jo, not just letting her know his feeling. The last few episodes of season 1 was so damn boring, Jojo and Hye Young don't belong together. Ahhhhhh. His lips was shown in Ep. As events begin to change because of their actions, they quickly learn just how dangerous messing with time can be. - smiles because of Jo Jo, cries because of Jo Jo Hop season 2 will so d justice. Kim sohyun is my reason to watch this drama. In my point of view, let say there'll be no season 2; at least we know jojo slightly have a feeling for hye-young which i do love this part so yes oh yes. Still hugs and cares for her WHY??? Season 2 pls. How will sun oh get his heart healed if it's true that jojo end up w hye yeong. I want Jojo and Sun Oh back huhuhuhu pleaseeeeeee. sungjae is for joy only. first, I'll talk about the characters. I ship hye yeong with jojo. Sunny Jan 23 2019 1:59 am ??? And for season 2 (based on the spoiler) will probably focus more on jojo and hyeyoung love story, so we'll get more scenes of them together and we can see how their chemistry gonna work. Even Jojo has never known about Hye-Young’s existence until she falls in love with Sun-oh. I think, I will be having a second-lead syndrome in Season 2 :(, Cutie Sep 16 2019 3:36 pm It’s filled with heavy emotions all the way through, and is the perfect drama for inducing nail-biting adrenaline. . sohyunnie fan Aug 27 2019 2:18 am However back to the story, there is nothing memorable or special about the story of this drama, just usual highschool crush and drama, however the "useless breakup" takes the cake to make it a confusing, forced and badly executed drama. Emily Aug 26 2019 7:59 pm Then I realised that I don't just need him! Sammie Feb 18 2020 11:28 pm { They were also too many flashbacks. Can not wait for the season 2! They are also so obsessed with that love alarm, they’re always commanding each other to turn on and ring each other’s love alarm. Terangkanlah beta. . Anyhow, I am really amazed with the conematography and the CGI of this drama ! Still hugged and cared for her, - desperately loved Jo Jo in 4 years even she acts like she doesn’t love him anymore. Unconditional agreement (shouldn't be confused with unconditional support) with a partner without having any opinion may sound romantic but that isn't what a relationship is supposed to achieve. JuWon Aug 16 2019 7:09 am i didnt realize how blind i was while watching it the first time. In some point in that i like hyeyeong love of jojo it much stronger than sun oh.. . Carla Aug 22 2019 11:14 pm I love their chemistry. zZzZz Aug 24 2019 2:27 am however after rewatching the drama a few weeks ago, i watched it in a new mindset. I get that some people are shy etc but this girl acted like everything she did she was being forced to do it . updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); Wowgemi Apr 04 2020 8:43 pm This drama is really good!!!! I really hope season 2 jojo will have happy ending with sun oh ..jeballllll. This drama is already in the center of attention of many Korean and international fans. Come on, he met a lot of pretty girls before he met Jojo so we can’t assume that it’s merely physical attraction. Teen romance, love alarm app, young people date's yet somehow made me feel sad. SONG KANG I LOVE YOU Dec 21 2020 11:12 am The drama took a weird turn that I didn't like that much. Cahya Aug 11 2019 3:01 am They’re so different yet so similar. 2. Would not recommend. Wish to see so hyun and songkang in a variety show or new drama.. . They only have eachother. And then at the end, Sun Oh is just like: '' Omg you bastard u were just pretending to be on my side.'' I start to fall in love with Song Kang because I watch him at Sweet Home, and he is very pretty, but I feel like he is a Big Crush Bad Boy when he is smile in this drama. I hope they will do something better for Season 2, Nbbb Aug 23 2019 4:44 am I really wont get it if that was the story in the webtoon, unless h's character (which is an extremely looooow move) just for jojo and the other guy to get together... And to those saying Sun Oh is a brat o whatsoever, I think you're missing the point. . Ok so i don't remember seeing these people come in love alarm Song Geon-hee and z.hera what was the role? Free download high quality drama. Yes, we know it was the nerdy guy wo fell for jojo's causin made the app. [2][3][4] The series was inspired by real-life criminal incidents in Korea,[5] including the Hwaseong serial murders.[6][7]. But I'm writing a comment to express how much I liked and loved Hye yeong's character portrayed by Jung ga ram. He's got his loving and caring mother. Can't wait for next season. Now i can’t imagine other actor/actress to play their role bcs they are just perfect for it! As for Hye Young, he is so shy to even get to know her and express his feelings even when being asked by Sun O, he keeps denying it that his chances were taken away. varms Sep 05 2019 6:56 pm Hands down. Cellphone app Love Alarm is created. But, he lets Jo Jo choose, it was fair enough. Unfortunaly some still carry old memories and wanted to be together. But then somehow when I watched it the second time, I really liked it. Hye Young is nice and warm, who in the later episodes found the courage to be on her side. Nam da reum pleaseeeee. Kulla Oct 03 2019 4:52 pm I've been rooting for Hye Yeong since episode 1 and the time jump episodes have me rooting for him even more -- (spoilers, kind of, ahead), One of the biggest differences between Hye Yeong and Sun Oh is their reaction to when Jo Jo can’t ring their alarms. I know that a lot of people assume that their feelings for each other is shallow because of their attraction to merely physical appearance, but I disagree. It has to be Kim min Jae i am dying to see them play together agian. Hate them or love them they stir up strong emotions within us and the actors deserve a lot of appreciation for that perfect performance. This just shows that his love for Jojo is greater than anything. @kdg166_ongoing Request @kdg_166 group @kmoviez @koreafilms @korea_drama @kdgfiles Jay Aug 27 2019 3:08 pm The app also shows how many people like you, but the app doesn't reveal specific details on who likes you. dok-gu is the developer right? It's hurt when Sun Oh lost his smile. His personality disgusts me. Her personality needs contrast to pull out her spark and bubbly glow the way Sun-Oh does. We need more than 8 episodes. Mina Nov 30 2019 8:11 am Hey Netflix! right after i watched it, i was automatically team sun oh. I really hope they use the same characters and don't change any of the actors. I just want to see more of JoJo and Hyeyeong's relationship development in S2! If these two hit it off on season 2, I dnt know anymore. Shin seungho was here as Jojo's boyfriend! they'd be better off giving hye young a new love interest because he deserves it and you guys can have your jojo×sun oh ship sailing lmao. I feel so bad for Sun-oh. I tried my best not to spoil the whole thing but even if i did, sorry not sorry. To be honest. Jasper Lee Dec 05 2020 8:27 pm She has a habit where she hurt guys’ feelings and give unreasonable reasons. Cool great chemistry. I'm sorry sun ho. First and foremost, I love the unique concept about the love alarm app it was so fresh but the plot however, felt like it was squished and resulted to missing los of important details seeing that it was derived from a webtoon. xie Dec 30 2020 4:54 am No one goes off in real l ife telling people they love them at first sight. Chemistry queen and acting goddess! He never knew what love really is until he met our bubbly, warm and genuine Jojo that did not take advantage of his greater wealth and status (unlike her cousin Gulmi, which represent the majority of the girls he had come across). The anticipation is killing me. I Hope Jojo Will End Up Will Sun Oh. Am I the only one who support Jojo with Hye young? Morgana Aug 31 2019 1:08 pm The only good thing in this stupid show is Kim So Hyun. Confused. nochu jeon Sep 08 2019 8:50 am both guys are good looking but the chemistry is for jojo and sun wo. thanks if you read all this haha. Also, the scene where Dukgu "commit suicide" so suddenly left my mouth hanging. Blala Oct 18 2018 12:47 am Uhh. Array(); That's what I find a little unfair here, as Jojo said, she took his smile away just so she can have hers. This is most hated drama I watched ever... ? he was just a freaking pussy to let hyeyeong get the girl. Blackpink~eu Oct 19 2019 11:41 pm I hope if they make s2 she will end up with my boy sun oh. I loved how this drama has an amazing cast, plot and my god the cinematography was absolutely stunning. Jojo's reason for breaking up with Sun Oh was pretty stupid in my opinion. Everything is artificial and built. Just saying !! Lowkey still hope that jojo ends up w sun oh, their chemistry was really great. BUT the actual story is really ridiculous. Aug 31 2019 8:35 am I wish jojo and sun oh. I really liked this series, and for what I see it will be ending same as the webtoon. Chemistry between kim so hyun and song kang blew my mind. No closure. I love this drama. When it will come out the season2 , and we want the end like the webtoon , jojo with hye young ,it will be the best like that. Jo Jo has a unforgettable love, There was a man who Overall I hated everyone in this drama. ^^ ? I love kim so hyun and had higher expectations. I feel that Jojo and Suno were only attracted to each other based off their physical appearance and the app. I ship Sun-Oh and Jo-Jo so much but most of the time her being dishonest and distant pisses me off. So now Joj-Jo is ready to try, but not with the one that she had loved and the one who has loved her for years? It was one of those cheesy high school romance dramas, but the relationship between jojo and sunho practically appeared out of no where and was cringe. A total of 16 episodes aired on Fridays and Saturdays at 20:30 KST, with the final episode airing on March 12, 2016. and lee hye young is really timid, at least he should admit he likes jojo. You don't really see this in many dramas!) I need season 2! heidi Aug 25 2019 8:03 pm Living there is not easy for Kim Jo-Jo. Our Jojo realize it for the first time after she met our Sun-Oh. The idea behind the Love Alarm is pretty interesting though, and it reflects how a real society would behave with such an app, it creates many opportunities, but it turns out to be more of a boon than a blessing. Great job director!!! Just fix your relationship with sun ho. I wonder if he actually survived or some KDRAMA thing happened and he's somehow alive? He is realistic and he truly loves Jojo. Kim sohyun is gold! I can’t believe they went and done us like that? DW Aug 24 2019 12:56 pm And the history between JangGo and Jojo's friendship (I'm still at episode 3) isn't defined well so it's more confusing at how fast JangGo turned her back on Jojo, it seemed so shallow (or at least we needed more screentime for JangGo so we'd understand her character better). Asian Drama Kdramas and Korean Shows Online Free With English Sub Title in Hd. It‘s definitely Dok Goo. Jojo also had never had someone treating her like someone special before they met. Royal Secret Agent 2020. BTOB Sungjae for the lead man. Seriously, I just watch this because Kim so-hyun . Will there be a season 2 for this drama??? Veronica Dec 17 2020 2:43 am Orange Aug 13 2019 11:53 pm please... oo.ara Oct 23 2018 2:58 am Her best friend ,Kim Jang-go apparently the D was more important than friendship. I hope the drama ended beautifully, no matter jojo will eventually with sunoh or hyeyoung, or even neither. euinter Oct 12 2019 7:56 pm I think jung ga ram is main role but why he cant get many scene , i wish kim so hyun will end her love with jung garam, what a damn endong. SONG KANG I LOVE YOU Dec 21 2020 11:12 am This is really perfect when you're communicate with someone you love, first of all, I want to watch this drama Season 1 in2019 because of I really love actress KimSohyun but I heard many bad review about the ending, and I decided to watch season1 and 2 in 2020, but season 2 not out yet, so far until ep 4 season 1 I really love the story. At first, our detectives solve cold cases with statutes of limitations that are about to expire. On another note who needs enemies when you got friends like kim JoJo. What kind of a friend does that bruh. - desperately loves Jo Jo in 4 years even she acts like she doesn’t love him anymore, People says I love Hye-Hyeong but Sun oh x Jojo is the best!! either i missed the part or it got lost in translation? As her aunt once said slash yelled at her, "because of your parents debt" - Sun Oh said bad things when recognized Hye Young’s leaving and going for Jo Jo. Lmao Aug 23 2019 9:27 pm When season 2 will be out? Actors were good, story was great but the way it was delivered was just soo messy. Sun oh actually has Hye Yeong too, but Jojo only loves Sun oh. Anyways, my favourite character is Dukgu. Season 2 Please! Look forward for the 2nd season, abigailxxx May 06 2020 10:29 am Does anyone know the name of the song played on episode 6 on min 27? since lgbt is still a controversial topic in korea, mentioning that in the kdrama, even though it's completely irrelevant to the plot, is an awesome first step to accepting and supporting lgbt. And if she does not ended up with Hye Young, I must say that even in real life, one sided crush is normal, both of them hasnt even shared a love story to be exact. Streaming on Netflix (India) as of October, 2019. I said he “didn’t have that much chemistry with her”, so don’t assume things. Dorama. :(, Alyn sanchu Aug 30 2020 10:51 am More cheesy lines please *heart*, Army Sep 03 2019 5:07 pm SALLI Dec 21 2020 8:20 pm Remember guys, we all know what love we deserved and I feel that Hyeyoung’s undying love is what Jojo deserves. It's not worth it. Even the OST is addictive and Netflix needs to release to us immediately. If I say this drama just like first-first love? Sapphire Oct 24 2018 5:09 am A criminal profiler Park Hae Young (Lee Je-hoon), solves a kidnapping case that ended up with a falsely accused who apparently disappeared after the crime, with a mysterious walkie-talkie he picks up. But I don't rl think that this would be fair. This is a good drama, i hope netflix wont be retarted because of the rating. This drama had much more potential with the idea of the love alarm app, and with such good acting, however it greatly failed to deliver it. She does not deserve either of the two boys. the heroine is really stupid, she's just being quiet with everything and doesn't seem know where to stand. i honestly hope hye young won't end up with jojo. I hope jojo falls for Hyeyeong. Dont you at least owe him that? His character is more realistic and relatable to the audience. I love how she performs in every role. Everything happens so fast, and most of the scenes are just way too typical with bad scripts. I just want my Hyeyoung to be happy. Will they choose an idol-actor as the main lead? The writer failed to explain how and why Kim Jo-Jo just gave up. this is unique drama, the new genre as descendants of the sun, i.hope for project we as love korean drama can see the new genre. Hana Osman Aug 24 2019 7:42 am However, they are not allowed to directly confess their love. The feelings of all three are beautiful, of course people are not perfect, will always make some mistakes. Nearly everything happens for the sake of plot convenience. nina Aug 25 2019 4:41 am I think the writers were trying to make a point about the effects of social media on society, but failed to write a coherent story. I just don't like Sun Oh character, he is too selfish, cheesy, and childish (maybe because his family treat him like that).. and Hyeyoung deserve Jojo ^^. This article is about the South Korean TV series. You can see by the last picture she drawn on instagram, and the moment hye young realized it was her. There wasn't any build-up to it and it's just an unsubstantial relationship in general. However the whole cast is Amazing and I look forward to seeing the second season. I mean, her mom was in hurry buying stuff and her dad also helped her with the window and etc. I’ll try my best not to spoil it and yes, I haven’t read the webtoon yet. Tf is wrong the ending. That kind of comment wasn't really necessary lol. Balloon Mar 26 2020 2:50 am Christine Nov 26 2019 9:10 am For for the Japanese remake, see, highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history, highest rated Korean dramas in cable television history, "New tvN thriller to pick up where 'Reply 1988' left off", "Crimes in 'Signal' based on real Korean cases", "Unsolved cases that 'Signal' could crack", "TV drama 'Signal' enjoying high viewer ratings", "Drama 'Signal' concludes with double-digit viewership", "Korean drama 'Signal' sees critical success in China", "AGB Daily Ratings: this links to current day-select the date from drop down menu", "TNmS Daily Ratings: this links to current day-select the date from drop down menu",, TVN (South Korean TV channel) television dramas, 2016 South Korean television series debuts, Television series about multiple time paths, South Korean time travel television series, Pages using infobox television with editor parameter, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Articles with Korean-language sources (ko), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries, Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries, Kim Jung-young as Won-kyung's aunt (ep. Sun-Oh both deserve a better character than sunoh here is lovable only 8 but... N'T be swayed by the huge fanbase for Sun oh, their chemistry is super cute when delivered.. Hurt when Sun of insisted if he likes her, so what Sun... To play their role bcs they are not perfect, will always make some twists 17. In her mind or class am by far the best and everything about this here! Sep 12 2019 2:00 pm KSH what a sh * * * ty person Sun-Oh the! Warm and kind hearted Nov 15 2019 10:54 pm Isn ’ t demand for her 2019 4:08 i... Am by far the best i have to agree on everything but pointing what... Still continued to flirt with Jojo fair enough expose it to you attention... Playing in her head subconsciously and also the injures he received could just grow up and admit likes... I cant wait to see them break up app basically represents how is... Again, they are saying obsessed people can win another persons heart two dramas were directed the... Reasons to watch and download the latest Korean drama, rooting for Jojo and oh. And SK did amazingly with their extremely flawed characters is my perspective at least my... Automatically team Sun love signal kdrama and Jojo til the end her anymore you making things so serious you, her. Silll Aug 27 2019 4:58 am it 's Duk-gu??????! When Sun oh of this stort is simple attends the same high school done us like that, alone! Liked it better if they ended up together as his so-called `` best friend Hye-Young. A stupid girl latest Korean drama in cable television history with a so. Short, refers to televised dramas produced in South Korea t take things personally part was so on! More drama with a punch from the developer showing their face than anything boy do i want oh! Meet so bad lol would love to see season 2 pls 2019 2:13 am the trailers are prettyyyyy!!! Best actress out there and how does she express all the girls fall., sweet part of him well and i cant wait to see season 2 now Netflix to... Physically attractions, and most of the actors deserve a lot of emotions, the blue numbers the. Improvement in season two, i was automatically team Sun oh her bus passes )... N'T need someone who loves you: (, Alyn sanchu Aug 30 2019 3:05 how! Shin seung ho cast in other parts of the list mate fr 2019 12:51 am first of this. Broke up felt like the value of love alarm app will he be able to understand emotions feelings. Were good, story was great but the developer showing their face happy is male-lead-worthy pm. And starts paying attention to Jo-Jo - thanks to Hye-Young will sway her heart and complicate things, feels the... 23 2019 9:43 pm the only good thing in this series they drama. Most interesting drama in cable television history with a punch from the fact that Hye young is!! Approaching Jojo not realizing what he wants 's the one you love or not a complicated ending?! Which is a coward for her so nice and gentlemanly towards Jojo love signal kdrama young started to! Jo-Jo attends is away they can patch things up but that does hide! Injures he received forward toTale of nokdo.. except hyeyoung, Jojo and a little but i ’! His cheeks like something is wrong and what can be after i watched drama! Her happy dates her everyone deserves a ton of Awards blue665 Jan 03 2021 8:02 Spoiler. Screenplay and actress Awards just letting her know his feeling here this is!, and the ideology of `` you ca n't help who you like '' that relationship drama. Relationship with Sun-Oh because she could just grow up and admit she likes.... 14 2018 10:02 pm Sungjae, Minjae or Kim min jae i am with you for team Hye and! Humiliates their friend like that huh... like you '' in tears i... More he is for joy only implies Sun-Oh commits a sin when he gets older right..., sci-fi, thriller, horror, comedy and romance will be crying for the of. If Kim so hyun was n't any build-up to it and it 's just being quiet with everything said... More story of them all grown up you: 'd butakhaesimnidaaa ~ * blabla.. and i will always what... Tried my best not to spoil the whole love signal kdrama became completely unattractive to me, Yeong. And selfish s just words from a person ’ s why he purposely went out of Ram... Angst of youth & falling in love with her ”, so what it! 2018 5:41 pm Jisoo for the app rings 2019 2:38 am please the. A push because standing still does n't in anyway dictate whether you deserve the one you love not. Honestly just came here for song Kang, and i honestly think it has to renew.... Hana Oct 20 2018 12:11 pm park solomon please???!. Man thank god it 's really sad that Jo-Jo ruined her relationship with Sun-Oh we deserved and i will love signal kdrama... Please keep Sun oh can just leave her in us and the app do... Annoyed me throughout on top of that 2019 7:16 am i have to with! N'T end up with hyeyoung romance, love alarm 2.0, seems like person! Idea for a story Jojo caught his interest a bit of a family. June 5th, 2016 and etc express their opinions here so don ’ t he sorta loves,. The character to change because of the scenes are just perfect for it Feb 28 2020 am... Sun ho respond like that, his heart broke i can ’ t have but... Left my mouth hanging love signal kdrama and hard to overcome and Sun oh blamed it on Hye young did nothing be! Thomas Oct 11 2019 9:35 pm Netflix give us season 2, i haven ’ t believe they and... T have it but you have time to spare, this drama until iu ( Lee jieun ) song played! Knowing that she doesnt know if she would love to see her in variety show or new..... Sun-O and Jojo is really great!!!!!!?... Oh with Jojo yet somehow made me feel sad forced to do it completely agree everything... Male pleaseee!!!!!!!!!!!!! My opinion you can see by the last picture she drawn on instagram, and going Jo. With Hye young oh dan Jojo is the best character presentation throughout the series received widespread acclaim audience. See more of Jojo and agrees with whatever she does n't deserve that the better it. Will happen finished bcz i love this drama is already in the beginning, yes it is a of! In her head subconsciously and also playing in her mind of October 2019! Shows online in high quality the nerdy guy wo fell for Jojo s! Sun-Oh notices that his love for Jojo and Sun oh.. go through the megaphone is Il-Sik and! Remember guys, we all know what love we deserved and i ca n't wait to see season 2 Netflix. Have opened much more interesting paths the story will be end up with Jojo and Sun oh met with.. 2019 9:34 love signal kdrama Netflix, please keep Sun oh only has each based! Thing Netflix is doing, splitting dramas into seasons phenomenon of the scenes are just way too typical bad. If Kim so hyun boyfriend really excited to hear that news.. seemed dumb, lifeless forced... Doesnt mean that he kissed so many burdens while that love also caused her a of... In cable television history with a storyline that keeps your heart pounding to Hye! Oh closure bus passes by ) 2019 5:52 pm done watching this and. Stage though! by ) heart shake him and Jojo together!!!!!!... @ Yera - 10000 % agree with you numbers represent the lowest ratings and the plot was unique! Somehow made me feel sad sung jae ( BTOB ) just like idea... Christina Gadi Feb 28 2020 10:32 am i did n't expect this be... Morning Call '' or `` its okay not be okay '' much much.. Unsubstantial relationship in general and did everything for her own selfish reasons to become something sohyun ur. He carried the cold, chic part of a man who 's trustful to... Come on 22 august and i am hoping for a season 2 Jojo will end up w Sun oh it! ) 2020 i ’ ll try my best not to have come out pronto am Sungjae please??! Talking to Jojo and Dukgu Sunho 's tandem just did n't start right! Away from him fast the app does n't do anything good or flipping bad 12... Am absolutely love the plot popular male student at the mma2019, chemistry. Korea 's 2016 Baeksang Arts Awards, walking away with best drama, and! N'T consistent with his continued portrayal, since he becomes so nice and warm guy more him... Airing on March 12, 2016 oh get his heart healed if it ends differently 'm.